Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6 Berserker Predator Sneak Peek

Hot Toys has released a picture of their upcoming 1:6 scale MMS Berserker Predator from the "Predators" movie. Most interesting skin texture and no more camouflage netting? Get out your wallets folks and prepare to empty the contents into Hot Toys bank account.

Will post more pictures when I get them CHEERS

UPDATE July 12, 2010: Hot Toys Berserker Predator Prototype / Preview pictures HERE

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Anonymous said...

The number of joints are inversely proportional to the price ?!?!?!The look is aggressive but I think we will have another mummy motionless, I guess then pays to buy a statue mcfarlane.

Tks Budy

AC Dorneles - Brazil