Monday, July 5, 2010

Mattel Penguin from "The Batman" series

Another "man" in a suit, albeit a much shorter one. The Penguin (born Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot) is a DC Comics super-villain and one of Batman's oldest, most persistent archenemies.

The Penguin is a short, rotund man known for his love of birds and his specialized high-tech umbrellas. Bill Finger (co-creator with Bob Kane) also thought the image of high-society gentlemen in tuxedos was reminiscent of emperor penguins. This is Mattel's Penguin from "The  Batman" animated series.

The Penguin is primarily concerned with reestablishing the Cobblepot family name in society by stealing from the citizens of Gotham to rebuild his wealth. While he share the comic incarnation's love for birds and aristocratic look, this Penguin retained a deformed appearance more similar to the Batman Returns incarnation, with red hair instead of black and more crooked teeth. His speech is often peppered with confused squawks.

The Penguin is another large figure. It seems most of the villains are much bigger than Batman in this line of action figures by Mattel. The Penguin comes with his folded umbrella and removable top hat, and also a Flail, originally a medieval weapon with a spiked ball attached to a handle by a chain.

Flip the lever on his back and his right arm spins in a forward circular motion, throwing the flail (spiked ball and chain) forward in an attacking motion.

Articulation is pretty much non-existent, with only neck, shoulder, elbow and waist rotating movements

Danny DeVito's Penguin in "Batman Returns (1992)" was a physically deformed sociopath with a homicidal grudge against Gotham City. While this Penguin retained a number of trademarks, such as a variety of trick umbrellas and the use of a monocle, he was given a huge visual makeover.

This animated version stayed quite closely to Tim Burton's dark interpretation in terms of the look, sporting a bald top, red hair and small sharp teeth

And here's a comparison picture of the Mattel Penguin standing beside The Batman.

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