Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kitbash 1:6 Metal Gear Solid Zombie Snake

This is my attempt at kitbashing a 1:6 scale 12-inch Metal Gear Solid Zombie Snake figure because I didn't get the Medicom version when it came out, choosing instead the MGS3 Snake Eater with Splitter pattern face paint and "Snake Camouflage" outfit, an extra weapon and a fake Gavial head!

So when I stumbled upon this Zombie Snake head sculpt, I just had to bash him up with the spare parts I have. The new Hot Toys True Type Body (Advanced version) certainly helped to buff him up too.

This rather quick bash was simply to dress Snake up with black long sleeve sweater, STABO harness/ rig, tiger stripes camouflage combat pants, web belt with Special Forces knife, machete, Smith & Wesson Military Mark 22 Model 0 9mm "Hush Puppy" pistol and XM177E2 assault rifle (the Colt Automatic Rifle-15 Military Weapons System or CAR-15, Colt Commando).

I don't play the game but just like the face camouflage Snake painted. Usually camouflage is painted on to blend into one's surroundings but in this instance, it's painted to make him stand out and scare the pants out of whoever happened to come across him.

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WL said...

Hi Alex,

juz wondering.. with all the spare gear you have, you must have some way of storing them neatly.. maybe like those multi-tier drawers with many mini compartments?

Got any of such organisers to share?

Also have you had to use some sort of adhesive with some parts? The magpul attachments for the M4 30-rd mags that came with my soldier story fig cant seem to snap in place...



Munir bin Julaihi said...

Wow, nice custom Snake, Alex. Just that the head doesn't seems accurate like in the game, but this is great!

Btw, I've been looking for that strap at his body when I was kitbashing my Snake into "Peace Walker: version. Where did you get that strap?

WL said...

Hi alex

haha I meant if u got any recommendations on wat containers or where to get them, not share yours... Pai sei pai sei

alex teo said...


Instead of telling you, I thought I'll just show you. See my next post ;p

Double-sided tape and super glue are most necessary for this hobby, especially when you want to kitbash stuff and keep the items in place (even blu tac). Sometimes things don't just snap and stay there. Some hobbyists have resorted to drilling and such to improve the look.

Hi Munir, thanks for the kind words. Are you asking about the STABO harness? I got it form the local 1:6 loose parts shop some time ago and seriously don't know from which boxed set it came from, if it did at all. Sometimes the shops here brings in stuff from Hong Kong that are specially catered for 1:6 kitbashing and not from any boxed set at all.

Hi Covenant, Ha! Ha! I was just wondering what you have been up to.

Shaun said...

Very cool bash, my Guru, it sure takes it's pride of place on your MSG Snake shelf.

alex teo said...

thanks shaun, zombie snake is now standing side-by-side with medicom MGS snake

hey WL, check out my new post -