Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6 Falconer Predator Sneak Peeks

There are four Predators in the 2010 film of the same name: the "Classic Predator", "Tracker Predator", "Falconer Predator" and "Berserker Predator". The Classic Predator is designed to resemble the creature in the original Predator film and is smaller than the Tracker and Falconer Predators, two of the larger Predators hunting the humans.

This is a sneak peek at Hot Toys 1:6 scale Falconer Predator. The mask looks like a falcon and he has a single long blade instead of the usual double blade

The Falconer Predator controls a flying reconnaissance drone while the Tracker Predator, identified by a pair of tusks attached to its helmet, controls the quadrupedal hunting alien animals (like hunting / tracker dogs)

The Berserker Predator, identified by an alien mandible attached to its helmet, has already been previewed HERE

UPDATE August 13, 2010: Hot Toys Falconer Predator PREVIEW (Official pictures) Collectible Figure from the "Predators (2010)" movie


Anonymous said...

Hi man. Do i see a classic predator in the first picture to the far right? Is that a new one or just the previously released one?

Sr. Hyde said...

the armor and wristblades are too smilar with the berserker predator, I have the pre-order of berserker, but the falconer... I will think a lot If I buy it or not. The mask is lovely XDDD but the rest it's very "normal", you know.

Jax Woon said...

I personally feel that it would take a very disciplined collector to skip the Tracker or the Falconer Predator if they have already bought the Berserker. The 3 really look good together...though I personally found the scene where the Falconer predator faces off Hanzo in a sword fight to be a little too intentional... Yakuza withsamurai sword facing off A monster weilding a blade and fighting to the death without use of other high tech weapons...