Monday, July 19, 2010

Crazy Owners Black Ninja Preview

This is another upcoming release from Crazy Owners as part of their Japanese Historical Series i.e. COF-012 Black Ninja action figure.

The forearm and shin armor looks really nice although the headsculpt looks a little boyish. Hope they include a hood to hide the face Ha! Ha!

At least Crazy Owners has sculpted various types of 1:6 scale "Kung Fu" hands for grasping the different types of weapons he has although "Kung Fu" would be associated more with China than Japan. So I'm wondering if Crazy Owners got their history right! It's just like the recent "Karate Kid" remake which starred Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith should have been rightfully called "Kung Fu Kid" instead.

The Ninja weapons that come with this set include the Ninja-to

Kunai (苦無) - a Japanese tool possibly derived from the masonry trowel. Two variations are the short kunai (少苦無, shō-kunai) and the big kunai (大苦無, dai-kunai). It is commonly associated with the ninja, who used it to gouge holes in walls.

Shuriken (Japanese 手裏剣; literally: "sword hidden in the hand") is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing. Shuriken are commonly known in the West as "fighting stars", though they took many different shapes and designs during the time they were used.

Suntetsu (寸鉄) - a Japanese concealed weapon. A Suntetsu is a metal rod/spike about 6 inches in length with a ring attached to it. The middle finger is inserted into the ring and the Suntetsu rests in the hand by various grips. Suntetsu are small, easy to conceal and relatively simple to learn how to use. Suntetsu are used for stabbing, poking, pinching, striking, smashing, scraping and throwing. You can use a single Suntetsu or a pair.

Last one is a little strange - Nine-section whip. The chain whip is a weapon used in some Asian martial arts, including Chinese martial arts, in addition to modern and traditional wushu. It consists of several metal rods, which are joined end-to-end by rings to form a flexible chain. It is generally a weapon of Chinese origin so I'm not sure how it got into the hands of a ninja.

What they should have included is the Kyoketsu shoge or kusarigama

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Timothy said...

hello there mate!

Would you kindly let me know anywhere in S'pore that still sell these Ninjas?
Practically I'm looking for these and those older ignite ones...

much appreciated , cheers!

alex teo said...

hi timothy

you can try The Falcon's Hangar

they seem to still have stock