Thursday, July 15, 2010

1:6 Mad Max / Road Warrior Bike on e-bay

This is an AWESOME 1/6 scale motorcycle custom-made by an e-bay seller "Probuilder41" based on the 1979 Australian dystopian action film which starred the then relatively unknown Mel Gibson. Its narrative based around the traditional western genre, Mad Max tells a story of breakdown of society, murder and vengeance. It became a top-grossing Australian film and has been credited for further opening up the global market to Australian New Wave films.

Description as posted on site: "NO! This is not a real motorcycle... but it is a 1/6 scale one-of-a-kind replica of a Mad Max / Road Warrior bike. It is 14" long and 8" tall."

The seller has "weathered the heck out of this plastic model with rust, dirt and grime. It has four different layers of paint that's been sanded and worn off like the bikes in the mad max and road warrior movies."

"I've also gave it some simulated duct tape on the seat and head light to hold them together.You have to watch the movies to see that these vehicles where made from many different mis-matched parts and pieces to give it the post armageddon look."

The compressed air... or pneumatic arrow launcher on the front is all hand made with a slave cylinder, and air tank with six launch tubes.

The kickstand really works and it has real rubber tires with real metal springs on the rear suspension.

I also added a horned skull painting on both sides of the rear seat panel for that mean look! The model also has every little wire, hose and cable the real bike would have and more!

For the ROAD WARRIOR and MAD MAX die-hard fans....This is a must have!

Check it out on e-bay (link HERE)

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Anonymous said...

This is a superb replica. The detail you have got in the Honda CB engine is amazing!

alex teo said...

I cannot take credit for this. I merely re-posted this from e-bay because I was amazed by the superb detailing and wanted to share these pictures with fellow bloggers / visitors. There's a link back to the item but I believe the auction has ended.