Sunday, October 17, 2010

1/6 T2 T-800 with M79

Continued from my previous post on COO Model 1/6 scale M79 grenade launcher...

For those who are not in the know, the title of this blog post entry itself seems like a message written in code that needs to be decoded. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" or "T2" is the 1991 sequel to "The Terminator", the 1984 science fiction action film helped launch the film careers of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In "T2", the Terminator Model T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) takes an M79 grenade launcher from Sarah Connor's arsenal in the Mojave desert after they (a young John Connor and the T-800) had rescued her. Posted here are pictures of Hot Toys MMS117 "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" 1/6th scale TERMINATOR T-800 cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) collectible figure (FULL Review Here) armed with the COO Model 1/6 M79 Grenade Launcher.

During the assault on the Cyberdyne building, the T-800 uses the M79 grenade launcher, first to blast open a locked door, then to destroy several of the police cars assembled outside.

Then during the ensuing car chase when the T-1000 pursues the three of them in a commandeered tanker truck, the T-800 Terminator scores a direct hit on the engine with the M79, though the truck miraculously continues running.

He also tries to use it on the T-1000 during the fight in the steel mill, eventually using it to knock the T-1000 into the pit of molten steel. By this point, part of the launcher's stock has been shattered during the fight, but enough remains for the weapon to be usable.

In reality, 40mm HE rounds have a safety mechanism in which they will not detonate until they have flown a certain distance. The more modern types arm after at least 14m. Earlier types, such as the M381, have a 2-3m arming range. However, in the film, rounds detonate as little as 3-5 feet from the user.

Hot Toys MMS117 "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" 1/6th scale T800 collectible figure came with some nice accessories and weapons (see my post HERE) but did not include the M79 "Thumper" so this add-on is possible thanks to COO Model Toys

Here's the Hot Toys 1/6 scale Terminator T-800 cyborg loading a 40mm grenade round into the barrel of the M79 "Thump-Gun". The M79 is certainly a nice addition to this 12-inch Terminator figure.

Another view of the T-800 cyborg loading the M79 "Bloop Tube". The scale of both seems pretty spot on and accurate.

The COO Model 1/6 scale grenade bandoleer with grenade rounds is strapped over his left shoulder just like in the film. I would have worn the bandoleer with the grenades pointing down as that's how soldiers wear it but looking at all the movie pictures of Arnie as Terminator T-800 in the T2 film, he carried the grenade bandoleer in this manner (which would have been incorrect and a "no-no") but I wanted this to be a screen-accurate version as much as possible and so that's the way he wears it.

A close-up of the M79 barrel with removable sight and fore-end assembly as well as 40mm grenade round (more detail pictures of the break-apart M79 can be seen HERE)

In this shot taken from a different angle, you can see the receiver group with the stock assembly (the pictures on the box packaging show that the receiver group can be separated from the stock assembly too).

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this COO Model M79 Grenade Launcher and would recommend it :)

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Eiji said...

Arnie look awesome with M79 grenade launcher..and great review too..keep it up Alex :D

alex teo said...

thanks eiji :)

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

killer gun. suits this toy well, buying the next arnie?

alex teo said...

@Asrul: yup. yup, and yup! haha CHEERS

Eiji said...

feels good when famous people replied to your shows how humble they are..hehe :D anyway i will be refering to your review first if i wanna buy some figure from hot toys next time..especially batman of favourite superhero :D

alex teo said...

thanks eiji, i saw the comment you left on my Batman post too


Bats is also my favorite superhero CHEERS

deSMOnd said...

Great score with this weapon. Your T-800 is a complete set now :)

WL said...

Hi Alex,

I intended to pick this up when I went down to TFH to collect my DID "Major Winters" (it rocks btw).

But I hesitated when I saw the weapon as I thought the colour of the wooden parts seemed to be too bright (would prefered it to be a slightly darker shade of brown).

Yup.. I was too fussy.. But after seeing it with a figure, I regreted my decision.. hahaha

Muz get so that Private Taylor can use the thumper as well (when he arrives.. haha)



Anonymous said...

Nice. The bandolier is upside down, though, the 40mm cartridges are liable to fall in that position in real life (they should be pointing "down").

alex teo said...

yeah, I thought so too coz that's the way I would have worn it but looking at all the movie pictures of Arnie as Terminator T-800 in the T2 film, he carried the grenade bandoleer in this manner and I wanted this to be a screen-accurate version as much as possible :) CHEERS

Eiji said...

agreed..that is the whole point of buying this kind of toys..we want it it to be screen-accurate version..words can't describe the satisfaction when it pose just as real as in the movies :D

Kin said...

Hi Alex,

I knew i was right.

Congratul....& very , very nice piece of priceless Arnold's figure to keep.


One Shot said...

I bought this lat night at the BBQ get together with Point Blank Toys. I got it because I saw your review on it with the T-800 figure. looks great! One Shot out!

alex teo said...

thanks George, glad you found the review useful and helpful :) CHEERS