Friday, October 15, 2010

Action Man Driller Extreme Mission

This blog entry post is dedicated to the 33 miners from Chile who survived their ordeal and live to tell about it (see my previous post) PLUS the country of Chile who did everything in her power to save all 33 men. Failure was not an option!

It seems appropriate since this is a 1/6 scale 12-inch Action Man Driller and after all that has happened, this would be a tribute to them. After their ordeal, they should each get one figure with their very own head sculpt.

Action Man Driller Extreme Mission was released in 1998 by Hasbro and came with High Impact hard hat with reinforced full face visor, gas mask with connecting hose to oxygen tank, respirator harness, vest and trousers, heavy duty axe, high speed drill with rip cord (pull string) and steel toe-capped boots.

The pull string rock cutter / drill can also be a missile launching drill. These were made to be played with and I'm sure some kids had fun with them.

In one of the worst mining accidents in recent history, on 5 August, 33 men became trapped 2,300 feet underground in the San Jose copper-and-gold mine near the northern town of Copiapo.

Before the 33 trapped miners were located, they survived for 17 days on food already stored in the emergency shelter. Each miner lived on two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk, a bite of crackers and a small amount of peaches every other day until supplies were sent down. Once the miners could be reached from the surface with a narrow perforation drill, rescuers began sending them hydration gel, soup and medication in narrow plastic tubes called 'doves.'

A six-inch diameter bore hole allowed food and water supplies to be sent down to the mine. Doctors then put the men on a solid diet of meat and rice, with a strict 2,200-calorie diet to keep them slim enough to fit in the evacuation shaft, which is just 66 cm in diameter.

What were the conditions like?
Hot, dark and crowded. The men were trapped in one of the lowest levels of the mine, 2,257 ft (688m) below the surface, where it is pitch black and constantly 86 F (30 C). They had access to a refuge shelter which is 530 sq ft.

During more than two months underground, the miners' rescue and support team grew to more than three hundred people, including communications experts, doctors, psychologists, launderers and cooks. Doctors were also able to pass down a biometric belt allowing the miners to monitor and transmit their vital signs to the surface using wireless technology.

The rescue team refused requests from some men for cigarettes, and alcohol was ruled out, part of an overall routine designed to keep the men focused. The smokers made do with patches and nicotine gum.

What was their routine?
Once discovered, the men quickly established a regular meal schedule including breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea. Supported by a 500 watt power line, they installed lights to simulate day and night to diminish the impact of their eventual return to the surface. Physiologists set up obligatory exercise schedules to keep the men fit and slim for their passage up the escape shaft. In recent weeks, the miners began to help with the rescue operation - taking shifts to clear away debris that fell into the tunnel of the mine.

How did they entertain themselves?
Several of the men are known to be football fanatics, with one having played professionally. With a cable installed, the miners were able to watch a live feed of games such as Chile's friendly match against Ukraine. They also received videos of football greats like Pele and Maradona and set up an area in their refuge shelter to play cards, dominoes and other games. The miners also received small music players and speakers as well as Bibles and rosaries blessed by Pope Benedict. One of the miners' most relished gifts was a small high-definition video camera with which they've recorded a large part of their ordeal. Despite the hazards they confront, the men have maintained high spirits with some of them capturing eight hours of their favorite jokes on film.

Close-ups of the Action Man Driller Extreme High Impact hard hat with reinforced full face visor

1/6 scale oxygen tank with respirator harness

Action Man Driller Extreme with heavy duty axe

Action Man Driller Extreme Mission action figure set is also equipped with High Powered torchlight and safety cones. The working torchlight can also be attached on the body for more play value. Comes with strap and buckle.

And here's the Action Man figure complete with all his gear and accessories. You can see how big the torchlight is in comparison with the 12-inch figure. Note the orange missile attached to the front of the drill. It can be launched at the press of a button located on the drill itself.

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Kin said...

Hi Alex,

Your collection is related to current issue no wonder you have a lot of admirer & supporter.

What a good & wonderfull collection.


alex teo said...

thanks kin :) my collection was amassed over more than 15 years (since 1994) so i've collected quite a bit over the period CHEERS

Anonymous said...

The pants are not original. Original pants were in brown leather imitation and specific to this figure.

alex teo said...

The original brown imitation leather pants (pleather?) melted due to the humidity and was totally unwearable after that :(