Friday, October 8, 2010

MORE Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition in Singapore - Full ON Armor

Part 2 of my visit to the Singapore Philatelic Museum for the Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition 2010 on 7 October 2010, a special PREVIEW before it officially opens tomorrow 9 October 2010 till 21 November 2010 (all thanks to the nice people at and I Love Museums. The FIRST part was covered in the previous post HERE.

One of the high points of this Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition must be the 21 Artist projects customized by acclaimed designers from the US, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong (some of which I've shown in the previous post). The list of leading international designers, to name but a few, include 3D key artists Anthony Mestas, Bernardo Esquivel, Heath Hammond and Jesse Lincoln from Sideshow Collectibles, Japanese designers Peiper and Kaz, Korean painter Lalla, celebrated designers from Hong Kong including Elphonso Lam, Eric So, Kenny Wong, William Tsang, Winson Ma and many more.

This blog post entry is aptly called "Full ON Armor" and the pictures will show why.

This unique sculpture is called "Iron Scuplture" by William Tsang of Hong Kong, Founder of williamworkshop. He decided NOT to build on Hot Toys 12-inch MMS Iron Man figure which were given to the artists to customize but instead actually cast a man of IRON, hence literally, Iron Sculpture!

This one is titled "Marine Type-Armor Loaded" by Paul Leung, Founder of Giveme5ive brand. This design is a new model developed for marine mission, which is suitable for operating in deep sea. It can also match with missile transmitter and torpedo with firepower comparable to nuclear-powered submarine. Paul worked as Creative Director in interior design and publishing industry, etc. He was then involved in toy design and founded the Giveme5ive brand. He is active in toy and art exhibitions

“Castaway” by Heath Hammond, 3D Key Artist of Sideshow Collectibles, US who has been with the company for 10 years and played an active role in the Creative Service 3-D Dept. “A NASA Astronaut (Lt. R Crusoe ) stranded on a lone planet” as the theme, concept motivated by the movie “Robinson Cr…usoe on Mars”, and NASA EVA space suit developed by Stark Industries

This is “Victory” by Anthony Mestas, Lead Paint / 3D Key Artist of Sideshow Collectibles, US who has been with the company for 6 years. Design concept is based on Tony Stark’s Racing Suit Platform.

“Lunch Break” by Jesse Lincoln, 3D Key Artist of Sideshow Collectibles, US. Design concept is taken from construction and demolition.

"Ironman Fever" by Joey Ou (Concept) & Kelvin Sau (Production) from Model + Magazine, a Hong Kong magazine on models, figures, toys, etc. The designers would like to keep the original design of Mark III and add a fierce soldier feeling. They have also specially added the word “fever” in Chinese which matches with the Chinese name of Hot Toys' official store in Hong Kong, implying an attitude of persistence. They also included Chinese words meaning "incomparable" on another side of Mark III to make Iron Man look proud.

NEXT entry: The Weird and the Wonderful. Check it out to see why.

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All credit to and for making all this possible!


WL said...

Hi Alex...

how I envy you and Shaun man..

Will be goin tml.. The NASA armour is soooo cool...



Anonymous said...

Is this true that HT Guardian Predator will be sold in this exhibit at Singaporean $399 a pop?

Unknown said...

Hi , thank you for sharing pics ^^ !

I too think that nasa armor kicks some serious ass XD !

alex teo said...

The NASA Armor is truly one of the best exhibits in terms of interpretation and execution!

The "exclusive" 1:6 Predator 2 Guardian Predator Collectible Figurine by Hot Toys will be sold at the exhibition for SGD399.90 (limited to 300 pcs)