Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild Toys 1/6 Clogs: what will they think of next?!

Has anyone seen these? Seriously?! They are making these in 1/6 scale too!

Crocs, Inc. is a shoe manufacturer founded by entrepreneur George B. Boedecker, Jr. to produce and distribute a foam clog design acquired from a Quebec company called Foam Creations. The shoe had originally been developed as a spa shoe.

A clog is a type of footwear traditionally worn by workers as protective clothing in factories, mines and farms. There are various types of clog. Traditional clogs are shoes or sandals made predominantly out of wood, and are associated with the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Galicia, Lithuania and Sweden.

These Wild Toys 1/6 scale Crocs Clogs are distributed by ACI Toys and are meant for 1/6 scale 12-inch figures who are non too savvy about fashion sense ;p I wasn't excited about them in 1:1 scale and certainly not into them in 1:6 scale which is WHY I'm wondering who would buy these but hey, that's just me and this is my blog so I can have my own personal opinion Ha Ha

Anyway, it seems I am not alone. According to wiki: "Opinions are polarized about Crocs shoes; many regard them as comfortable and colorfully decorated, others see them as a fashion disaster, and a subculture has emerged of vocal opponents of the shoes. A Washington Post article described the phenomenon: "Nor is the fashion world enamored of Crocs. Though their maker touts their 'ultra-hip Italian styling,' lots of folks find them hideous." Tim Gunn, fashion consultant, told Time Magazine, "...the Croc - it looks like a plastic hoof. How can you take that seriously?" A blog named "I Hate Crocs dot com" follows opposition to the original "luridly coloured Swiss cheese clog-footwear". The Facebook group "I Don't Care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like a Dumbass", dedicated to eliminating the shoes, has over 1.4 million "likers" as of July 2010.

It didn't help that many children almost had their toes amputated when the crocs they were wearing got caught while riding escalators. So who's eating who? Crocs are being eaten, is that any surprise? From the same source: "Footwear such as Crocs came under scrutiny in 2006 in the U.S. and 2008 in Japan when children suffered injuries after the shoes became caught in escalator mechanisms." It happened all over Singapore too and made the news more than once.

Let's just see how many pairs of these they can sell... as for me, I'll just stick to military style footwear, thank you ;p


LEon said...

I used to own one of this crocs but not 1/6 scale version. As in real ones and I must say it is not comfortable at all. I shortly sold it for half the price. Thankfully I manage to sell it away as I barely wear it.

So that is a NONO for me. It is not safe for children too.

Kin said...

Hi Alex,
My god!!! From far i though is real.But in fact this i a amazing work indeed.

Congratul... & what a beautiful world & with all this magical artwork.

Thanks for showing.


laME boy said...

Hey Alex, i believe you mean Crocs rather than Clogs :)

alex teo said...

hey LEon, I couldn't bring myself to put my feet into them LOL glad to hear I didn't miss anything

hey Kin, 1/6 stuff can be that realistic nowadays :)

hi zi yi, the distributor calls them clogs and they are basically "Croc" (the brand) clogs (the type of footwear) but naming them Crocs would mean copyright issues so clogs is also the correct term for these kind of shoes CHEERS

laME boy said...

Haha ic ic. Someone should make an escalator diorama, what with all the apparent appetite with which escalators have for these shoes.

alex teo said...

that would be most hilarious, if only people were willing to shell out for these shoes >_<

Onigaijan said...

How on Earth could you get your foot so caught in an escalator that your toes would need to be amputated???? yeesh, some people.

alex teo said...

the problem is with the shoes; the rubber is so soft & the shoe so loose (it's all part of the design) that when it first gets caught by the escalator teeth at the end of the ride, the child doesn't know and the moving escalator continues "biting" more & more of the shoe & by then the child cannot take his/her foot out becoz it is inside the shoe as it is being "eaten".

D7ana said...

Thanks for all the information about this footwear, Alex. Love, love, love the photos.

I have worn hard clogs - black leather uppers and dense wood bases. Then end of the uppers started digging into my upper foot. Awwww. Stopped wearing them after that.

I've always considered the crocs type clog ugly. Something about the rubbery top ... shrug. But there is something cute about them in playscale. And my playscale folk will not be riding escalators, lol.

Mind if I share this post and your other posts on my blog, PhillyColletor? These are just so different and unexpected. Then again, I suppose the toy companies feel, if we produce them, [collectors] will buy [them].

alex teo said...

Hi D7ana

You are most welcome to re-post this on your blog. I do follow your blog too and it is on my blog list :)