Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition in Singapore Part 3 - Weird and Wonderful

This is the third part of my four-part posts on my visit to the Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum on 07 October 2010 as part of a group of specially selected few to get a preview of the exhibits before the official opening on October 9. This post I call "The Weird and the Wonderful".

"What's next?" by Vincent & Lun, Creative Director of Designers of Dot Dog Design, focusing on 12" figures. The designers wanted to bring out the concept of environmental protection and leave room for audience's imagination by asking "How can Iron Man survive here?"

The beauty is in the details, as the diorama aims to show

"ICEMAN" by Winson Ma of Winson Classic Creation, Hong Kong

"Moon Speaker Battle Suit" by Jason Siu from Hong Kong, who once worked in the advertising industry and then founded his own company Jason Siu & Co. His design concept of this project is "Chinese satellite broadcasting music from space upon the earth".

This looks slightly different from a picture I gleaned off the net which didn't have the face / mask obscured. I think this would have looked better

"DEVIL IRONMAN" by Elphonso Lam Cheung Kwan, Comic Writer, Interior and Toy Designer, Member of CLIMAX and BIG-ROD band, Chief of FREE KINGDOM PRODUCTION, etc. Design concept taken from PUNK, SKELETON, and DEATH.

The face paintwork reminded me of "Black Cybone" from "Mad Capsule Markets" (see pictures in my post HERE)

"Iron Cross” by Peiper from Japan who specializes in military figure costume. Iron Man is being customized as an evil veteran officer of SS who wears the Iron suit!

The belt buckle looks to belong to the Shocker Organization from the Kamen Rider storyline, famous tokusatsu (Japanese live action films with special effects) from the 70s.

“The IRON ANGEL” by Kaz, Renowned Japanese Military Figure Customizer. I'm not into Gundam but those look like Gundam Wings to me. This is probably one of the larger and more elaborate diorama setups at the exhibition.

Check out the enemy head in his hands and the Neon Genesis Evangelion body this Iron Angel ripped it off from. Certainly a fusion of Marvel and Japanese anime here.

"The Disburdened Weight" by Childe Abaddon & Kenji Wong, Creative Director of Wudai Shiguo - 五代十国. Their design is about: "30 years later... the biggest enemy of people destroying social order is no longer criminal, but natural disasters responding to the tests of nuclear weapons and human's environmental pollution. A hero relieving his burden is not because he has completed his saving duties, it's because even he is a hero, at this point, he can do nothing to help. The disburdened weight will finally be borne by all of us."

This installation ART features a TV screen as a backdrop which screened images, the only light source in contrast to the dreary dark exterior.

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All credit to and for making all this possible!


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Very creative, masterful works of art... in a word "Powerful"

Kin said...

Hello Alex,

It become an interesting art form or monument.

Thanks for showing.


alex teo said...

agreed, colin - a GREAT way to show that collectibles are in fact 3D ART pieces to be appreciated by all

hey kin, u r welcome :)