Sunday, October 3, 2010

BBI "Elite Force: Terminate" Sniper Assassin "Lucifer"

When I first got this Blue Box Toys (BBI) "Elite Force: Terminate" Sniper Assassin "Lucifer" figure, it was to kitbash a 1/6 scale "Léon" the Professional (see my post HERE and HERE), especially with the unique vest "Lucifer" came with.  But since getting the Heroic "Perfection Killer" figure (pictures posted HERE and HERE) which is more screen-accurate and much closer to Jean Reno as Léon in the movie (also known as The Professional and Léon: The Professional), I decided to revert "Lucifer" back to his original form. I'd taken "Lucifer" and made him an SAS operative in the Falklands war - blog entry posted HERE.

This is more or less how the original BBI sniper assassin "Lucifer" looks like, with Polo Shirt, Trousers, Waist coat with belt & buckle, pistol pouch, Trench coat, Boots, Sunglasses, Knife with sheath, 22 caliber Ruger Mk-3 pistol with two magazines, Flashbang grenades, Flame grenades, Sniper Rifle case, AR-7 Sniper Rifle with Butt plate cover.

I say "more or less" because I believe he is missing his grey slacks or gray pants. I have him wearing black trousers instead. The boots might be off too. Other than that, I think everything else is pretty much there.

I chose to pose him without his trench coat first so that you can see the vest he wears underneath the black overcoat

And here is BBI "Lucifer" armed with the 22 caliber Ruger Mk-3 pistol with two Flashbang grenades and two Flame grenades tucked into his belt

Close-up pictures of the 1/6 scale BBI "Elite Force: Terminate" Sniper Assassin "Lucifer" headsculpt which has a certain resemblance and likeness to Hollywood actor Robert De Niro (see my earlier post HERE for FOUR De Niro Head sculpts, this being one of them)

Might be missing a mole here - one of the distinct features on Robert De Niro's face.

And here's a closer look at the black leather tactical vest with built-in holster for his Ruger Mark III pistol, one of the most unique things which makes this "Elite Force: Terminate" set stand out

You can see the holstered Ruger kept on his left hip and how the vest is attached to the belt as well, very similar to how Léon wore his.

Close-up of "Lucifer" sniper assassin with his Ruger Mark III. The Ruger Mark III is a .22 long semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Company.

The high-end model is known as the Hunter. This pistol features a stainless steel frame and comes with either a 4.5-inch, 5.5-inch (a distributor exclusive), or a 6.875-inch fluted bull barrel, fiber-optic front sight, adjustable, V-notch rear sights, and half-checkered cocobolo wood grip. It features multiple safety mechanisms, and includes a visible loaded chamber indicator (The first ever included in a .22 rimfire pistol) as well as internal and external keyed locks provided. [source: wiki]

And here's the 1/6 scale brief case that contains Lucifer's AR-7 sniper rifle, along with two Flashbang grenades and two Flame grenade plus his Glock field knife with sheath.

The ArmaLite AR-7 Explorer, designed by M-16 inventor Eugene Stoner, is a semi-automatic .22 cal rifle developed for the US Air Force as a pilot and aircrew survival weapon, hence a knock-down utility rifle for easy storage.

The weapon or gun case opens to reveal a stripped AR-7 sniper rifle. The barrel, main firing mechanism including trigger and a working bolt, and one spare magazine are all hidden in the butt stock which comes with a butt plate cover as well. The gun can be assembled with either one of its two barrels. Pictures of the gun parts & its assembly can all be seen HERE

As opposed to the original hunting and survival weapon envisioned by its creators, the .22 calibre AR-7 was used as an assassination weapon in several films. In the movie "From Russia With Love (1963)" starring Sean Connery as the MI6 secret agent 007, James Bond was equipped with an Armalite AR-7 sniper rifle (a production item which can actually be broken down and fitted into its stock) which he uses to assassinate a Soviet agent with a suppressor and infrared telescopic sight on the weapon.

And here's Lucifer sniper assassin with his black trench coat, worn over his vest and outfit.

Close-ups of the two flash-bang grenades and two baseball type CS Incendiary grenades, all with safety rings still attached. The Glock field knife in sheath is kept hidden just under the coat.

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desmond said...

Nice leather like vest with very nice accessories..Great one!!

alex teo said...

thanks desmond :) this one has been with me for quite some time

Kin said...

Hi Alex,
Although i'm don't recognice this lucifer but it really "COOL" to look at.

Very detail & real.



Shazone said...

Hi there.

Love your blog and how detailed your collection is.

Just a question. Do you know of where I can purchase this Lucifer sniper assassin online?

Thank you.

alex teo said...

Hi Shazone

Because this Lucifer sniper assassin is an old figure, I think it's hard to find one for sale online. Most places would have sold the item by now and best chance is if some collector decides to let go of theirs.