Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coming soon from TTL: New Suit Set X 3

TTL's 3 new suits will come with a William Fichtner head sculpt, T 2.0 body, Shirt, Necktie, Suits (Jacket and Pants), Leather belt, Socks, and Dress Shoes

William Fichtner (born November 27, 1956) is an American actor I remember for his roles as Alexander Mahone on the "Prison Break" TV series (Season 2-4), as Colonel William Sharp in the "Armageddon (1998)", as Sfc. Jeff Sanderson in "Black Hawk Down (2001)" and as the mob's Bank Manager in "The Dark Knight (2008)"

There was another William Fichtner 12-inch figure released much earlier by ACI Toys sometime back which I kitbashed as the Gotham Bank manager as seen in "The Dark Knight" (see my post HERE)


Kin said...

Hi Alex,

Willam Fichtner is the one who play the semi evil cop who hunt for the 2 brothers in the tv series "Prison Break".Right?

His look & suit just stuning.

"Marvelous Collection".


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, what's your opinion of the quality and features of the T 2.0 body versus the Hot Toys body (and others)?

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

he has nicer clothes than i do, Man LOL
I like that actor

alex teo said...

I've used both HT and TTL bodies for kitbashing and they are both equally good except of course HT is costlier BUT for some of HT releases, you'll need their TrueType Narrow Shoulder bodies for the extra outfits e.g. DX Joker and most recently released T-1000 cop CHEERS

desmond said...

The head sculpt and business suits are nice..I am wonder if TTL suits fit for HT bodies..