Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hot Toys Terminator T-1000 REVIEW II

In "Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)", the T-1000 appears, ambushes a police officer and takes on his identity, tracking down John Connor through the police cruiser's on-board computer and eventually confronting him in a shopping mall, where it meets a T-800 Model 101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

This is my second part review of the Hot Toys MMS129 (Movie Masterpiece Series) Collector's Edition T-1000 1/6th scale collectible figure and in this post, I look at the T-1000 as it impersonates a Los Angeles Police officer named Austin. I'd already covered the box packaging and its contents including accessories in the previous post.

This is the T-1000 dressed in LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) police officer's dark blue uniform with white round neck tee (T-shirt), name tag (Austin), Los Angeles Police badge (572), pants with belt and buckle, police equipment belt which holds two pistol magazines in double-magazine pouch, torchlight in ring holder, radio walkie-talkie in holder, a pair of metal-like handcuffs in pouch and left-hand side pistol holster, black socks and black leather-like shoes.

Here his left relaxed palm hand has been switched with the left palm with pointing forefinger. But instead of pointing, he's gesturing and waving the finger left and right in the "uh uh uh, don't even think about it" OR "I wouldn't do that if I were you" pose. In the film, the T-1000 wags a finger in a "tsk-tsk" gesture at Sarah Connor when she failed to blow him away with her shotgun.

This is the Hot Toys Terminator T-1000 (Robert Patrick) in a "don't give me any nonsense (crap)" stance with both relaxed palms / hands. The facial expression is very good and there is a fair bit of resemblance to the actor Robert Patrick :)

This post alone is testament to Hot Toys superb engineering and fine production of their TrueType body! This 1/6 scale 12-inch Terminator T-1000 (Robert Patrick) collectible figure is balancing on one leg while striking a running pose (using the pair of open palms included) which is seen in the film.

A young John Connor (Edward Furlong) barely escapes on his bike as the T-1000 Terminator (Robert Patrick) tears after him, running to give chase.

James Cameron chose Robert Patrick for the role because of his physical appearance and you can see why from this scene in the movie. He was really fit, and fast!

The running man pose or should it be "chasing cop"? "Terminator in pursuit"? "Stubborn-ator" (because the Terminators never give up and never surrender; they just keep going, and going, and going...)

The police officer who was ambushed and terminated upon the T-1000's arrival must have been left-handed because his holster for the Beretta 92FS pistol was customized for a lefty. There aren't that many left-handed holsters in 1/6 scale; the other ones I know of were designed for the 12-inch Bruce Willis action figures. In "Tears of the Sun (2003)", the Bruce Willis as US Navy SEAL LT AK Waters figure also came with left-handed drop-down holster.

I looked at the movie stills and pictures of Robert Patrick as the T-1000 Terminator and found out that he was quite adept at firing the weapons with either hand. He shot with both right and left hands which was why Hot Toys included both shooting hands for their T-1000 Movie Masterpiece figure.

Playing a machine and a killing machine at that, I suppose it would be no problem for it to shoot and kill with either hand so either shooting hand wouldn't be wrong.

I really like how thin Hot Toys managed to make this T2 T-1000 figure look compared with the T-800 terminator. As director James Cameron stated, "I wanted to find someone who would be a good contrast to Arnold. If the 800 series is a kind of human Panzer tank, then the 1000 series had to be a Porsche." And a "Porsche" it is

The wonderful stitching, tailoring and material used for this T-1000 LAPD police officer outfit really hugs his body and gives him a very sleek, ready to pounce look (almost cat-like)

The T-1000 is composed of "a mimetic polyalloy", a liquid metal that allows it to take the shape and appearance of anyone or anything it touches BUT it cannot mimic complex machines such as guns or bombs and as such, has to procure these items in order to execute its mission.

The premise of the T-1000 impersonating a law enforcement personnel such as a police officer / cop is most ideal as he would have access to all available information on the police department's data bank and also not arouse any suspicion when he questions and asks for information. Plus he can go any where quite freely because he carries a badge and represents the authority.

Here are some close-up shots of the Hot Toys 1/6th scale 12-inch T-1000 police equipment belt which holds two pistol magazines in double-magazine pouch, torchlight in ring holder, radio walkie-talkie in holder, a pair of metal-like handcuffs in pouch and pistol holster.

Interestingly enough, the dark blue police pants comes with four back pockets, two on the butt and two slightly lower. Not sure if this is true in real life but it has to be since Hot Toys is very passionate about their craft and they endeavor to be movie-accurate.

Altogether a really nice Police Officer figure BUT the T-1000 is a lot more than that! Which is why I could never bring myself to purchase Sideshow Collectibles 12-inch T-1000 figure because it was very much just a police officer figure.

In the next post, I'll examine the parts that make this T-1000 more of a killing machine than a human being.

REVIEW IV: Hot Toys T-1000 as LAPD Highway Patrol Officer


Eiji said...

i can sit for hours just by staring at this masmerizing figure..awesome terminator collection alex..suddenly all the scene from the movie kept visualizing through my head..and now i'm currently downloading the movie again in bluray thanks to your terminator review..damn

alex teo said...

ha ha eiji i did the same thing. i took out my DVD and watched T2 again after taking these pictures. man, just to see all those awesome scenes again, what a rush! haha CHEERS & enjoy the bluray

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Nice pictures! T2 sure is a cool movie, and this was a great character!

supekudx said...

Hey Master Alex, I liked the "Run Forrest run" photo with one leg on the ground! Incredible!

alex teo said...

Allmovie described the T-1000 and T2 as "one of the most memorable roles in one of the most memorable films of the decade" :)

thanks supekudx, no trickery with the pose, just a matter of balance. Amazing TrueType body from Hot Toys

Unknown said...

Sorry for writting in this post Alex.
the thing is I have this figure too and as you have posted, it comes with accesories to make the police biker version.

So in order to exhibit both figures I need a spare body.

Do you know which hot toys body is the one that comes with the figure?

THIS: HOT TOYS TrueType Body Caucasian Male - Narrow Shoulder Ver[HT-TTM18]

OR THIS: [HT-TTM19] HOT TOYS TrueType Figure - Muscular Body

Thanks so much and sorry, i am sure i read it in your blog but i couldnt find it.

alex teo said...

No worries Jako. The body you need is the HOT TOYS TrueType Body Caucasian Male - Narrow Shoulder Version [HT-TTM18] as T-1000 (Robert Patrick) was much slimmer than Arnold ;p

Unknown said...

Great that is what i thought what i wanted to make sure.
I am going to d states in one month time so I´ll try to get smoe stuff there. In Spain is much more expensive.

Thanks a lot Alex.

alex teo said...

You are most welcome Jako :) Enjoy your trip to the US