Friday, November 19, 2010

1:6 scale "Batman Returns" Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman figure REVIEW II

"I am Catwoman. Hear me roar."

This is a second part review of the recently released "CatLady Custom Hand Made Figure" (Review part 1 posted previously), manufacturer unknown. What everyone knows on first look is that this is without doubt a 1/6 scale Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman from "Batman Returns (1992)". There is no mistaking the Catsuit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer who played Selina Kyle / Catwoman in the film.

For the role of Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer trained in martial arts and kickboxing; one co-star stated that "Michelle had four stunt doubles - but she did all her own whippin'." And what a whipping she gave the boys :)

Her stitched-together, black patent leather costume, based on a sketch of Burton's, remains the character's most iconic look. And Michelle Pfeiffer overcomes Batman Returns' heavy-handed feminist dialogue to deliver a growling, fierce performance. [ source: wiki ]

A closer look at the 1/6 scale Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman head sculpt. Does the headsculpt resemble Pfeiffer? You be the judge of that ;p

While her 1/6 skin tight "leather (more like black PVC)" costume is first sewn and then the extra stitches added, her Catwoman mask is molded with the head. Good move because adding on a separate mask would spoil everything as it is almost impossible to produce an actual 1/6 scale mask as the materials available would somehow make it look over-sized. That said, the mask and the rest of her costume from the neck down come together very well and it almost seems like it's all a one-piece Catsuit - nicely done :)

The collar of her 1:6 catsuit goes all the way up to her chin and wraps nicely round her neck so that it looks like her mask is all part of her suit. The painting of the white stitches also corresponds with the additional white thread stitching on her costume and it all comes together really well.

Here you can see a close-up of the customized Catwoman's corset and cat claws

Another view of the 1/6 scale "Batman Returns" Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman's gloved hands with claws

Here's a view of Catwoman's back. The zip of her catsuit goes all the way up to her neck and her corset is laced up at the back

Catwoman's costume was for many the highlight of the film, and it manages to be sexy without being sleazy. In a brilliant touch, her costume (stitched together like Sally the Ragdoll from "The Nightmare Before Christmas", also by Tim Burton) becomes more frayed and ragged as her sanity unravels towards the end.

More close-ups of her claws. In the film, Catwoman was able to pierce the side of Batman's suit after feeling for weakness

And finally, close-ups of Catwoman's rather tall boots in 1:6 scale. It's soft so as to allow more articulation and posing at the ankles

Since Catwoman was the one aspect of the film that most people agreed was a success, it was no surpise that Burton was set to make a Catwoman spin-off movie with Michelle Pfeiffer reprising her popular role. But it got stuck in development hell before finally being made in 2004 with Halle Berry in the role as Catwoman. And we all know how that went.

Also check out the real claws (pictures of actual props) Catwoman wore in the film.

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saruman said...

Awesome! Can't wait for it to reach Malaysian shores!

Anonymous said...

where exactly can one purchase this figure?

alex teo said...

this Tim BUrton Catwoman figure was pre-ordered and best bet now would be e-bay CHEERS