Saturday, November 6, 2010

DID 1942 Stalingrad German 6th Army "Josef" PREVIEW

This is going to be DID's upcoming release of a 1/6 scale 1942 Stalingrad German 6th Army soldier with highly realistic & articulated metal cable layer backpack with chain. He also has the improved wood and metal K98 rifle with new bayonet. The funny thing is, the head sculpt looks a lot like Soviet political commissar and Lieutenant Danilov (Joseph Fiennes - remember his portrayal of Mark Benford in the more recent TV series "FlashForward"?) from "Enemy at the Gates (2001)". Thing is, Danilov was Russian in the film.

Nonetheless, DID's attention to detail and craftsmanship in the World War II era is one of the BEST in the 1/6 scale market and this 12-inch tall Second World War German soldier is no exception. From the fine stitching of the German army uniform to all the gear, accessories and weapon, DID really shows how realistic they have made 1/6 figures and how accurate they can be in terms of scale.

There have been a lot of 1/6 Germans released already and yet they can still find a subject or topic that has not been covered before.

Josef: 1942 Stalingrad German 6th Army Radio Operator comes with Tunic and Medals Assortment, Pants, M35 Helmet, Jackboots, Eyeglasses, Sidecap, Toque, Greatcoat, Winter Gloves, Belt with Buckle, Y Harness, K98k Ammo Pouches, Breadbag, Canteen & Cover, Mess Tin, E-Tool and Carrier, Bayonet & Scabbard, Phone Cable Backpack, Field Telephone, K98k Rifle

Besides the basic German infantry gear, this figure will also come with a highly realistic & articulated metal cable layer backpack with chain

In the armed forces, a signaller is a soldier responsible for military communications and related tasks. Most signallers are employed in the operation of radio equipment and antennas (other than personal radios), but other signallers may be responsible for the construction and maintenance of telephone lines and telephone switchboards for field telephone systems, information technology infrastructure, or electronic warfare.

This German 6th Army signaller is tasked with laying the communication line and testing the connection with the field telephone (included).

The stand out pieces though, are his telephone wire pack and field telephone. The pack comes with shoulder straps so Josef can carry it on his back (or his chest), a working crank so he can unwind cord or crank it back in, and leather pouch to hold any necessary tools (not included). The field telephone comes with shoulder strap and top lid that opens to show a removable handset.


Little Plastic Man said...

I remembered that a signaller got shot by the russian snipers in the movie, Enemy at the gate.

alex teo said...

hey adrian, now that you mention it, i remember that scene too

Anonymous said...

Get another Russian uniform and great coat to kitbash a Danilov. Cool !

The Rebel said...

Holy cow! I want this! Basic infantry German soldier.....u can't go wrong with that. When is this expected to hit our shores Alex?

alex teo said...

hi rebel :) DID's website says: available December 2010. That's pretty soon - nice gear from DID

WL said...

That's one of the prettiest Kar98 I've seen...