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Hot Toys " (Action) Figure King" Magazine Feature

For the 10th Anniversary of Hot Toys venture into movie merchandising from year 2000 to 2010 (Hot Toys has been around for much longer but their Movie Masterpiece Series - MMS line - started in 2000 and have put them where they are today: as KING of the 1/6 movie action figure! and in this area, they are untouchable), a magazine has been published in Japan just to talk about the people behind the products as well as the products themselves.

The magazine has the complete list of Hot Toys MMS figures / products / 1:6 scale movie merchandise from MMS001 up to MMS140 (to be released in December at the Hot Toys 10th Anniversary exhibition in Japan). Check out all the figures Hot Toys has released since 2000 if you haven't or simply to know what are the figures that have been released so far. I cannot imagine that it has been TEN years and to think I was there even before that PHEW!

There are four pages of the Movie Masterpiece Chronicle. And here's the full list if you would like to know: MMS001 The Terminator - T 800; MMS002 The Terminator - Kyle Reese; MMS003 Aliens - Hicks; MMS004 Aliens - Apone; MMS005 Aliens - Vasquez; MMS006 First Blood II John J. Rambo; MMS007 First Blood - Col. Trautman; MMS008 AVP - Celtic Predator; MMS009 AVP - Scar Predator; MMS010 Robocop; MMS011 Halo Jumper Rambo; MMS012 Robocop ED 209 Normal Version; MMS013 Superman Returns - Superman; MMS014 Batman Begins - Batman; MMS015 AVP - Chopper Predator; MMS016 AVP - Elder Predator; MMS017 AVP - Alien Warrior; MMS018 AVP - Scar Predator (Japan Exclusive / 8th Ani-Com Exclusive / Honk Kong Exc); MMS019 Rocky Balboa; MMS020 Rocky - Clubber Lang; MMS021 The First Blood - John J Rambo; MMS022 Aliens - Ripley; MMS023 Aliens - Hudson; MMS024 Aliens - Drake; MMS025 Robocop ED 209 Battle Damage Version; MMS026 Robocop 3 - Robocop (Gun Arm Version); MMS027 Superman Returns - Clark Kent; MMS028 AVP - Grid Alien; MMS029 AVP - Alien (Brown Version); MMS030 AVP - Ancient Predator (SideShow Exclusive LE500 / Sideshow Exclusive / USA Exclusive); MMS031 AVP - Ancient Predator (Blister Direct Exclusive / Blister Direct / Japan Exclusive); MMS032 Robocop 3 - Robocop (FlightPack Version); MMS033 The Terminator - Endoskeleton; MMS034 Rocky - Clubber Lang (Blister Direct Exclusive LE250 / Blister Direct / Japan Exclusive); MMS035 Rambo - Rambo 3;

Let's see, there are nine figures from this page that I have, starting with MMS001, MMS002, MMS003, MMS005, MMS006...

twelve from page 2, (MMS036 Rocky - Apollo Creed; MMS037 Rocky - Ivan Drago; MMS038 Aliens - Alien Warrior 16 Inch; MMS039 Aliens - Power Loader with Ellen Ripley; MMS040 The Terminator - Endoskeleton (Battle Damage Version - Blister Direct Exclusive / Japan Exc); MMS041 POTC3- Captain Sao Feng; MMS042 POTC3 - Captain Jack Sparrow; MMS043 POTC3 - Elizabeth Swann; MMS044 POTC3 - Captain Sao Feng (Limited Version); MMS045 Predator 2 - Predator Model Kit; MMS046 The First Blood - Rambo (M65 Jacket Version); MMS047 Aliens - Alien Warrior 16 Inch (Repaint Version); MMS048 Predator 2 - Elder Predator; MMS049 Superman Returns - Jor El; MMS050 Superman Returns - Superman / Clark Kent; MMS051 AppleSeed Saga Ex Machina - Deunan Knute; MMS052 AppleSeed Saga Ex Machina - Briareos Hechatonchires; MMS053 AVP-R - Predator; MMS054 AVP-R - Alien; MMS055 AVP-R - PredAlien; MMS056 POTC3- Will Turner; MMS057 POTC2 - Cannibal Jack Sparrow; MMS058 The Warlords - Zhao Er-Hu; MMS059 The Warlords - Jiang Wu Yang; MMS060 The Warlords - Jiang Wu Yang (Special Version); MMS061 Rocky III - Italian Stallion; MMS062 POTC 3- Davy Jones; MMS063 Alien - The Nostromo Crew Member - Captain Dallas; MMS064 Alien - The Nostromo Crew Member - Ex. Officer Kane; MMS065 AppleSeed Saga Ex Machina - Tereus; MMS066 AVP-R - Predator Cleaner Kit; MMS067 The Dark Knight - Batman (Original Costume Version); MMS068 The Dark Knight - Joker; MMS069 The Dark Knight - Batmobile)

twelve from page 3, (MMS070 The Dark Knight - BatPod; MMS071 The Dark Knight - Batman (The Dark Knight Version); MMS072 Predator - Major Alan Dutch; MMS073 Predator - Private Billy Sole; MMS074 AVP - She Predator; MMS075 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark III; MMS076 Predator 2 - Lost Predator; MMS077 Alien 3 - Dog Alien; MMS078 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark II; MMS079 The Dark Knight - Joker (Bank Robber Version); MMS080 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark I; MMS081 The Dark Knight - Two Face; MMS082 Edward Scissorhands - Edward; MMS083 Hellboy II - Hellboy; MMS084 Hellboy II - Abe Sapiens; MMS085 The Spirit - The Spirit; MMS086 The Spirit - The Octopus; MMS087 Planes of The Apes - General Ursus; MMS088 Planes of The Apes - Gorilla Soldier; MMS089 Palnes of The Aples - Gorilla Captain; MMS090 Predator - Predator; MMS091 The Godfather - The Godfather; MMS092 The Spirit - Silken Floss; MMS093 Terminator Salvation - Endoskeleton T-600; MMS094 Terminator Salvation - Endoskeleton T-700; MMS095 Terminator Salvation - John Connor; MMS096 Goemon - Ishikawa (Japan Exclusive); MMS097 Terminator Salvation - Endoskeleton T600 - Martin Laing (Limited Edition Signature), MMS098 Goemon - Chacha Asai (Japan Exclusive); MMS099 Goemon - Saizo Kirigakure (Japan Exclusive) MMS100 Terminator Salvation - Marcus Wright; MMS101 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark III Gunmetal (SDCC Exclusive); MMS102 Watchmen - Silk Spectre II; MMS103 X-Men Origins - Wolverine; MMS104 Terminator Salvation - T600 Rubber (Weathered Rubber Skin Version); MMS105 Terminator Salvation - T600 Concept Version LE300 (9th Ani-Com Exclusive / Honk Kong Exc.)

MMS106 Alien - Alien Big Chap; MMS107;Mars Attacks! - Martian Soldier; MMS108 Mars Attacks! - Martian Ambassador; MMS109 Astro Boy - Astro Boy; MMS110 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark III (Battle Damage Version); MMS111 Terminator Salvation - John Connor (Final Battle Version)...

and ten from page 4 (with more on the way...). That isn't too bad right? I've not been spending too much haha, just been careful with my expenditure ;p I cannot imagine the guy who has ALL `O_o!

Check out MMS139 if you are a Resident Evil Alice (Milla Jovovich) fan, you'll probably be drooling like me. Can't wait to see her front / face. Let's hope Hot Toys doesn't disappoint.

The magazine goes on to give awards to the figures with BEST costume etc. Well, 2 out of 3 from this page ain't bad...

Two out of three from this page ain't bad either - I would've needed a whole new room just for the Batmobile, way too BIG for my liking

Full score here haha

BEST accessories? Two out of the three listed haven't even been released yet and are also not on the list of 140 MMS / Movie Masterpiece products / merchandise BUT hey, do remember that the FUN is in the toy / collectible and NOT in completing or buying everything. ENJOY what you have and don't pine for what you don't, that's my philosophy anyway (two cents worth) CHEERS :)

If you can read Japanese and / or you want to know what else is covered in the magazine, you can view the high resolution scan of the full magazine HERE


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Wow- so many BEAUTIFUL toys!

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