Monday, November 15, 2010

Hot Toys War Machine Figure Review III: The beauty is in the details!

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The beauty of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS120 "Iron Man 2" 1/6th scale War Machine Collectible Figure is in the details, ALL of it! I doubt you can get this kind of detailing and authenticity in anything else of a smaller scale - that is why 1:6 scale is still the BEST scale to work with. It allows you to observe and appreciate all that goes into making a figure authentic and accurate :) With today's technology and Hot Toys expertise and experience in craftsmanship coupled with their passion, enthusiasm and "can do" spirit, the products they have been churning out are simply top notch and way beyond our expectations and War Machine is no exception!

There are two patches missing on Hot Toys War Machine figure. They are the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) emblem / patch located on his right bicep and the Roundel of the USAF (United States Air Force) shown on the left forearm (see the movie promotional picture below).

Air Force Materiel Command conducts research, development, testing and evaluation, and provides the acquisition management services and logistics support necessary to keep Air Force weapon systems ready for war. The command develops, acquires and sustains the aerospace power needed to defend the United States and its interests for today and tomorrow.

Other than the missing patches / logos, everything else and MORE can be found on this Hot Toys War Machine figure. You cannot get any closer than this :) That's what I love about these 1:6 scale reproductions - you get to go up close to the figure that was either moving too fast or constantly moving in the movie and there was no way you could make out what the figure entails. The same goes for the vehicles too which is why the 1:6 scale Bat-Pod and Power Loader remains two of my favorites!

Check out the awesome 1:6 scale articulated shoulder-mounted gatling gun that is the M134 7.62 mm minigun. It is rotatable and multi-directional too. There is also the "pop-up" shoulder-mounted cannon on his right shoulder. Click on the pictures to get a bigger and better view :) go on, you know you want to haha

Check out the articulated arm that supports the minigun! The mini platform that it sits on can slide from left to right to give the weapon more range and reach

And here's the "pop-up" shoulder-mounted bunker buster missile launcher with missile inserted (on his left shoulder). This is the "Ex-wife" and what a anti-climatic effect it delivered in the movie LOL!

The rear compartment of the bunker buster missile launcher can be raised / opened so that the missile can be pushed out once inserted. Hot Toys thought of everything :)

And here's a good look at the jet backpack details including the sliding disk located on the back where the gatling gun (1/6 scale M134 7.62 mm minigun) is to be mounted. You can just make out the switch for the red LED light-up eyes just below the head (where it joins the neck) and the switch for the ultra bright white LED light-up Micro ARC reactor on its chest just below the sliding disk gatling gun mount.

And here's War Machine with minigun and ammunition belt mounted. Note the deployed air flaps which can be opened up to maximum 15 degrees.

This picture shows the air flaps deployed and revealing the jet propulsion units underneath. There are also two more smaller flying jets located just at the base of the jet backpack. These too can be rotated.

The Hot Toys War Machine leg armor is equally impressive with lots of detail and articulation

In this picture, you can see the air brake system deployed (up to a maximum of 60 degrees) and the two inner flying jets extended downwards for extra thrust

Another view to show all the hidden jets on War Machine's back and calves deployed with the flaps extended.

Now we examine the weapons (machine guns) mounted on War Machine's arms (is that why they are called "armament"? haha)

The dual arm-mounted FN F2000 Assault Rifles, customized to fit onto War Machine's forearms. Check out the super cool articulated fingers on each hand that allows individual joint movement!

Finally, a shot of Hot Toys War Machine with the two logos missing on his arms - Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) emblem / patch and the Roundel of the USAF (United States Air Force)

This was certainly a FUN subject to shoot and take pictures of and I really dig all the nice details and amazing engineering by Hot Toys to make it all possible! Another true MOVIE MASTERPIECE by Hot Toys indeed!


laME boy said...

Just gotta love Hot Toys. Amazing review - keep them coming :)

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

top to bottom! ... the pics look like a life-sized War Machine due to all the meticulous detailing... AMAZING

Wingin' It said...

Must have this figure. Great review. Thanks.

alex teo said...

thanks guys, i just love the detailing on this figure and wanted to share it CHEERS

desmond said...

Thanks for your detailed review. It helps when I open up mine :)

Eiji said...

awesome review alex..simply enjoy reading it..keep it up :)

alex teo said...

thanks again guys, glad to know you all enjoy the reviews as much as i do dishing it out CHEERS

brandon said...

i own it and i love it great review!

jony said...

is it just me that the light of the chest repulsor is white on the actual toys but red on the packaging?

Jayson said...

i am new to hot toys! and your blog!
I love your reviews and i am seriously thinking of getting this particular war machine... can i know from a super experienced collector how much you bought it ?? and actually how much should i pay for this super nice war machine ? so i won't feel too hard pain after hearing your advice...

alex teo said...

hi Jayson, WELCOME :) I got War Machine for about SGD200 but I think now the price has skyrocketed due to demand and limited supply (I checked e-bay: Previously the Mark 1 went for as much as SGD1,000!!! That changed when Hot Toys announced the re-release so you never know, maybe Hot Toys might do the same with War Machine. If WM is featured in IM3, then maybe there'll be a newer version as well. My advice is: pay for what is comfortable to you i.e. what you feel the figure is valued at. if you feel it's too much, then don't get it because you'll regret later. if you think the price is right, then you won't feel that you were duped into buying. CHEERS