Thursday, November 4, 2010

T-1000: "Say... That's a nice bike..."

John, Sarah and the Terminator T-800 manages to escape from the T-1000 after "Arnie" shoots it off the moving car. T-1000 returns on foot to Pescadero Hospital, where the police have arrived. A cop on a motorcycle asks if he is okay. It affirms, and compliments the cop on his nice motorcycle.

We can only assume that the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) manages to acquire the motorcycle next and takes on the identity of a Highway Patrol Officer in pursuit of the Connors and their "back from the future" protector, the T-800.

This is the Hot Toys MMS129 (Movie Masterpiece Series) Collector's Edition T-1000 (Robert Patrick) 1/6th scale collectible figure wearing the Highway Patrol Officer's outfit / uniform including motorcycle helmet and riding a borrowed 1/6 scale Metropolitan Police Harley Electra-Glide by Hasbro (see my post here for more pictures)

Hasbro released this Harley Electra-Glide police bike in 2001. Produced as a child's toy, this 1/6 scale motorcycle ain't half bad. All the parts are sturdy enough and are not fragile thus they do not break easily.

I always feel that a motorcycle cop needs his bike and so I had to take pictures of the T-1000 highway patrol officer riding a Harley. I'd put together a Tamiya 1/6 scale model Harley-Davidson FLH1200 Police Motorcycle once because I felt that the 1/6 scale 12-inch Takara Combat Joe California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer I'd bought was missing his ride (pictures of the CHP officer HERE & Harley HERE)

There are quite a fair bit of details put into this Metropolitan Police Harley Electra-Glide and it poses well with the Hot Toys T-1000 riding the bike. Click on the landscape pictures for a bigger and better view :) and check out all the nice details

The T-1000 sitting comfortably and riding the Hasbro Metropolitan Police Harley Electra-Glide

The T-1000 looks like he feels very much at home on his bike, liquid metal and machine. The T-1000 had the ability to extrude small, simple items from itself. It created the motorcycle helmet and pair of sunglasses when these items were necessary for its disguise.

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Eiji said...

my my my..u really nailed it this time alex.."hasta la vista, baby" xP

alex teo said...

thanks eiji ;) glad you like it too CHEERS

Little Plastic Man said...

That is really a very nice bike...fits so well with the figure.

desmond said...

Bro, a nice add-on to T1000 :)

alex teo said...

thanks guys ;>

Switchum said...

I think you did pretty good job mounting him in the toy Harley, but in the movie he was riding Kawasaki KZ1000 police model which was Standard police bike for California Highway Patrol. Yeah the same one "Chips" rode. I am a motorcycle nut so I could not help to point out.

Keep up the good work.

alex teo said...

Thanks for that juicy piece of info Switchum :) Will keep a lookout for a 1/6 scale Kawasaki KZ1000 police model if it ever becomes available CHEERS