Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hot Toys TRON Legacy 1:6 Sam Flynn figure with Light Cycle (teaser)

From Hot Toys:
Are You Ready to Enter the TRON City Now?
To keep in line with the "TRON: Legacy" movie launch at Christmas, Hot Toys 1/6th scale Sam Flynn Collectible Figure with Light Cycle is coming very soon! Stay tuned!


laME boy said...

Still prefer the batpod anytime. :)

alex teo said...

TRON light cycle trounces Flame Cycle :)

ethan said...

It would be interesting to find out how Hot Toys made the lights up on the suit.

Anonymous said...

Oh my poor aching wallet! Thanks for the great blog Des.

I have been eagerly awaiting this license from HT.

Anonymous said...

Alex sorry for calling you Des. My bad, can you edit my previous post?

"..ouch my aching wallet..."

saruman said...

can't wait to PO!

Kin said...

Hi Alex ,

What can i say.A bike that could transform from a gadget that need to throw out.
I saw the trailer it just "Awesome".I think i'm going to visit the cinema at 3 times.

Is worth to collect futuristic glass bike.