Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Desert Ops Trooper: Sniper PREVIEW

We have already seen preview pictures of Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale G.I. Joe Dusty 12-inch Figure and now pictures of the enemy's desert troops have surfaced. This is a Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Desert Ops Sniper.

Thing is, he looks very much like the earlier released Cobra Sniper 12-inch figure except instead of a black uniform / attire, this one is dressed in desert togs. So unless I'm mistaken, the Cobra Sniper 12-inch Figure features: Male Body with 30+ Points of Articulation, Detailed Sniper Uniform with COBRA Insignia, COBRA Sniper Issue Helmet, Tactical Boots, Smersh Harness, Magazine Pouches, Canteen Set, Knee Pads, Belt, Three Sets of Interchangeable Gloved Hands, SVDS Dragunov Para Marksman Rifle with Folding Buttstock, PSO-1 Scope and 10-Round Magazines, G17 Pistol with Holster and 17-Round Magazine, Bayonet with Sheath & Strap plus 12-inch display base.

There are pictures of the Cobra Desert Ops Sniper alongside the Cobra Desert Ops Trooper as well.

What I don't get? Why the molded mask under the fabric mask? All the cobra heads have molded balaclavas and they all have an additional cloth one over the molded one. Sideshow should just do away with the double face mask already and sculpt a real face OR provide another accessory instead of two masks!! Firefly didn't have two masks so already there's an inconsistency there within the company itself.

Sideshow did a very good job with Firefly and I was willing to give them a chance but no can do; Firefly is still the only 12-inch figure I own from Sideshow's 1/6 scale G.I. Joe line SIGH

So don't be too surprised when Sideshow decide to do a white (artic), green (jungle), and red (crimson guard) version as well


Little Plastic Man said...

To be honest, this looks much better than the black uniform sniper. But if Sideshow does the crimson guard i will be most grateful!

BigHatDino said...

While I like the sniper, it's only difference from the previous sniper, except for colour, is the goggles. Sideshow seem to be doing this with their GI Joe & SW lines, just offering repaints that, while nice, aren't really stretching the line.

I have the sniper kitted out all in black and, apart from having broken the Dragunov (oops), I didn't get the point of the fabric face mask, so instead I have that slid down to be a fabric collar. The sculpted face mask is just fine, and the helmet actually fits better without the material being in the way :)

alex teo said...

Hi Adrian, I also much prefer this desert version to the first released black sniper.

Hey BigHatDino, glad you got yours. I totally agree with you about Sideshow doing repaints. They should just get on with it and extend the line with more characters.