Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Los Angeles County Sheriff's SWAT by BBI

The Los Angles Sheriff's Department (LASD) also has the Special Enforcement Bureau, which houses the famous Special Weapons Team. They are LASD's version of SWAT, a creation of the nearby LAPD. LASD and LAPD SWAT have helped the US Department of Defense in the past by training US Army Rangers, Special Forces and other military units on policing skills prior to being deployed overseas.

This Los Angeles Sheriff's Department SWAT member by BBI is named "Chuck Morris", not to be confused with the famous Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger. BBI has also done a "Bud Norris" in the past.

His accessories tray

Chuck in his tray, ready to put on his gear

The basic figure wearing Law Enforcement Reed Green Nomax Jumpsuit and Heavy Duty Rigger's Belt with Safariland Drop Down Holster and GSG9 Tactical Boots

Mister Chuck Morris

Chuck wearing his green balaclava, gloves and kneepads

His .45 Auto pistol with ITI Tactical light

His SWAT gear - Eagle "CIRAS" Body Armor with Triple Rifle Ammo Pouch, Double Combo pistol / Rifle Ammo Pouches with one spare pistol clip and two extra magazines, Radio Pouch, CIRAS armored sleeves, CIRAS armored groin protector, SWAT Kevlar Helmet with working face shield frame, goggles, Gerber Multi-Pliers with Carrying Pouch, Throat mic with clear ear bud PTT (Push To Talk) Switch for Radio

His Heckler & Koch G36C Compact with short folding butt stock, removable weapon rail with optic rear sight and sliding function, Removable front sling loop with sliding function, Surefire M Series vertical Foregrip and G36 silencer - at least it's not another M4!!

His breaching tools - Battering Ram, Sledge Hammer, Bolt Cutter, Halogen Bar and two PlastiCuffs or FlexiCuffs - works better than handcuffs and less cumbersome to carry

Eagle Breacher Entry Tools carrier harness

With his full load, you could almost mistaken him for a NAVY VBSS SEAL except this LASD SWAT member is ready to do battle in the streets of LA

Nice kit by BBI, they're not done yet

There's also LAPD SWAT officer Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), FBI HRT, BBI Cleveland SWAT, Hot Toys LAPD SWAT v2.0 with Colin Farrell head sculpt, Dragon's Colin Farrell SWAT figure, BBI LAPD SWAT "Sergeant Mendez", Takara's Combat Joe SWAT, Dragon NYPD ESU "Bill" and "Winona".


Wilson said...

When was this figure released?? Nice figure there mate!

alex teo said...

Hi Wilson, If I'm not wrong, it was about the time I posted these pictures i.e. September 2008. CHEERS, mate :)

Wilson said...

Just gotta love the LAPD and LASD!! Np,love ur military collections too =D

alex teo said...

thanks Wilson

Unknown said...

Hey i have been looking to get a figurine battering ram for a buddies plaque in swat and cannot seem to find one anywhere. Any suggestions??

alex teo said...

Have you tried e-bay?