Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hot Toys long awaited collectibles (Noland, Babydoll, Jake Sully & Sam Flynn) will be released in coming weeks!

From Hot Toys:
Dear all, Regarding Noland from Predators, Babydoll from Sucker Punch, Jake Sully from Avatar and Light Cycle with Sam Flynn from TRON: Legacy. Thanks very much for the wait, fans! These long-awaited collectibles will be released one by one in coming weeks!

We will speed up the production process, at the same time, keeping up with the product quality. Again, many thanks for your patience and support!

I guess in light of recent ramblings on facebook and forums, Hot Toys is trying to do some damage control and do their bit to improve public relations because many people are screaming for their long awaited overdue figures.

And for those of you who have pre-ordered these figures and see them all coming in one by one, OUCH! to your wallet and pockets. "May the odds be ever in your favor" ;p


Anonymous said...

I ordered my figure in August! Getting pretty tired of waiting. It better come soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad hot toys is Finally going to release their figures from the 2011 catalog,But I hate that hot toys only releases 1 or 2 figures from each mms like platoon if their gonna do Sucker Punch then they should release the whole Set,at least with the Predator line they released the whole set in a timely matter, Hope. They can accomplish The whole Avengers line the same way I don't want to wait til 2013 for the entire Avengers set to be complete..Last but not least give us sum pictures of Hulk I already know Hot Toys can make Iron man, thor and black Widow.

aron said...

shld i be glad that i got none of the above on pre-order, so im not in the whole fustrating fiasco. on the other hand, i cant wait for the iron monger. though expensive, i want this giant on my hands.