Friday, April 6, 2012

Preview: Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark VI The Avengers Movie Limited Promo Edition

Hot Toys Announcement:
Hot Toys presents The Avengers: 1/6th scale Mark VI Limited Edition Collectible Figurine with two versions, one is Joint Promo Edition and another one is Movie Promo Edition. Each piece of the Avengers Mark VI collectible figurines is specially repainted and finished. The Avengers: 1/6th scale Mark VI Limited Edition Collectible Figurine (Joint Promo Edition) Hot Toys is pleased to corporate with Pepsi to give away The Avengers: 1/6th scale Mark VI Limited Edition Collectible Figurine (Joint Promo Edition) which is exclusively limited to 16pcs for this event in Hong Kong. This Joint Promo Edition specially features with a light up base. The three-week promotion breaks at the beginning of 28th March to 19th April. For more details, please visit to The Avengers: 1/6th scale Mark VI Limited Edition Collectible Figurine (Movie Promo Edition) For the Movie Promo Edition, it will be exclusively limited to 3000pcs WORLDWIDE only. The first 500pcs will be firstly preorder at Hong Kong. On the 7th April, the first 500 customers who purchasing The Avengers movie ticket for UA IMAX cinema at UA Langham can get a voucher to preorder a set of Movie Promo Edition. Only available while stock last. Fans, this special repainted collectible will be made available for special promotions in the limited markets at limited units during the Avengers movie launch period, please stay tuned with us for more promotion updates at other regions.

Hot Toys Company Philosophy: Milk the Cash Cow!!! Milk it and milk it real good! If it's all been done before, go back and do it to them (we collectors) all over again. Hot Toys think that we collectors want it so bad that we'll take everything the company dish out and beg for MORE!! Poor SODs we are if we fall for these gimmicks.

The Joint Promotion Limited Edition will give away 16 sets presumably for free. If you are the first 500 customers to buy IMax tickets, you are eligible to preorder, the rest of the 3000 pieces produced presumably are available for the rest of the world. These will go for HKD1150.

It's like Hot Toys is doing a Dragon i.e. just like Dragon Models Limited, they are rehashing this Iron Man Mark VI 12-inch limited edition collectible action figure from their parts / spares bin and repackaging this as a special movie promo version (it's a Mech Test Tony Stark head sculpt and the Mark IV head sculpt - two of the best Tony Stark head sculpts Hot Toys has done) and get gullible people to part with good money for something that has already been done before. Bad news for the completist collectors who MUST have one of everything but makes no difference to me. Easy pass :)

Funny thing is: In the upcoming Avengers movie, it'll feature the Mark VII which goes back to the classic circle-in-the-chest look rather than this very distinguishable triangular chest look which only the Mark VI has in the Iron Man 2 film. You can check out the new Iron Man Mark VII armor in my earlier post HERE of the Kotobukiya - ARTFX - The Avengers Movie - Iron Man Mark VII.

The only thing new with this release is this light-up stand. BIG deal

So its decision time people. Do we sit and take everything Hot Toys throw at us OR stop buying all these junk and demand that the company start going back to their roots of why they got so good by producing new and quality stuff that they used to be known for, before all these money got into their heads and now all they can think of is PROFITS and forgot that they used to think like collectors and did it out of passion and NOT money! This only goes to prove that the saying "THE LOVE of MONEY is the ROOT of ALL EVIL" is TRUE!


Jcee said...

I guess I am one of those on the other side of the fence. I am actually glad they are rere-ing this one again since I couldn't afford it the first time around so I have another chance to get one now. But I am still thinking whether to just wait for the Mark VII or not.

Ben.M said...

I hope I will be able to find a RDJ head on ebay for cheap now.

One Shot said...

most of the collector's will scream foul when they see this but be the first in line to try and score this so called "must have" because the thinks it's cool. what's your guess this hits evilBay right away for? 500 USD right off the bat? I'm taking a wild guess here.

Anonymous said...

Should have went straight to the Mark Vi, again I'm happy for those who passed on the original M6. I'm not complaining, every release that I pass on is money saved, know what I mean? :)

desmond said...

HT turns to be more greedy than before..Haiz!!

Anonymous said...

and the world get sadder