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Review II: InFlames Metal Boss Battle Armor version 12-inch limited edition collectible figure

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I've shown you all the latest released InFlames (with HeadPlay) Metal Boss Battle Armor version 1/6th scale limited edition collectible figure box packaging and contents as well as the basic figure in the first review. This TOYHAVEN toy blog post can also be simply called "Metal Boss Battle Armor Exposed". In this toy blog entry, I will be showing you what lies beneath the Battle Armor and how it is attached.

We all know that InFlames is basically selling us an unlicensed version of the "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" video game Big Boss / Naked Snake character and this is Naked Snake wearing the Sneaking Suit with Zombie face camouflage. As described in the game, Zombie face camouflage draws a white skull on Snake's face and leaves the rest of his face black. It provides cover in both black and white areas. Coincidentally, the word "zombie" means "snake" in the Voodoo religion.

What is interesting from the get-go is the replacement of the cloth head band / bandana with an armored looking version head piece that goes over and around his forehead where the bandana should be. To see "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" Naked Snake 12-inch figure with the cloth bandana, just click HERE to see the InFlames Metal Boss 1/6th scale figure in BDUs version.

Scroll down to see more pictures and turnaround head shots of this awesome 1/6th scale Naked Snake Zombie face camouflaged head sculpt that is truly well produced and painted. The paint application is not just one flat tone but you can actually see how the paint was applied and make out the facial features underneath the paintwork, including his moustache and beard, as well as skin tone. Amazing!

Personally I much prefer this head sculpt to the unpainted version and I think InFlames (or perhaps HeadPlay) did a fantastic top notch job in producing this particular 1/6th scale head sculpt. I'm very pleased with it indeed :)

This InFlames Metal Boss Battle Armor version 1/6th scale limited edition 12-inch collectible figure does come with an additional non-painted (non-camouflaged) head sculpt which I did show in the first review and mentioned that that particular Naked Snake head sculpt came with the first released metal Boss BDU version (pictures HERE)

The head piece and hair is detachable and can be attached via magnets to the alternate head sculpt provided but I'm not going to do that seeing as I already have that particular head sculpt which came with the first released InFlames Metal Boss figure (the BDU version) so I'm just sticking with this Naked Snake Zombie head sculpt which I really like.

And here's the InFlames Metal Boss Battle Armor version 1/6th scale limited edition 12-inch collectible figure stripped off most of his battle armor except for the chest and abdominal piece (upper torso). This portion of the battle armor is more difficult to remove (not impossible but time consuming to remove and put back on so I decided to leave it as is). The chest piece with shoulder protection is a separate piece from the abdominal piece in front but are connected to the back which is made up of one molded piece. Scroll down to see the detailed close-up shots.

The battle armor that covers his back is impressive looking and goes all the way down his spine until his tail bone. The only portion not covered is his butt, unlike Medicom Toys Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden figure which even has butt plates ;p Now that is another AWESOME figure altogether and I must give credit to Medicom Toys for doing that one RIGHT (see the pictures HERE)

And here are the removable battle armor pieces. They are all slip-on pieces. The InFlames Metal Boss Battle Armor 1/6th scale right boot (which are actually boot feet or "beet" i.e. they are connected directly to the legs and there are no feet. Feet shown above were taken from my 1/6th scale kitbash stockpile (see my post "1:6 stuff for Kitbashing OR just some of my stash"). There's also the thigh armor (top right), knee pad (centre) and upper arm armor (bottom right).

And these are the Metal Boss battle armor for the left hand side (almost identical to the right)

And then there's the battle armor for the arms - upper arm, lower arm / forearm and gloved hands

The basic black body suit worn under the battle armor is the same one that is seen on the InFlames and HeadPlay 1/6th scale Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure BDU Version (reviewed HERE in full).

Close-up details of the InFlames Metal Boss 1/6th scale Battle Armor including the chest and abdominal pieces with white words printed on them. The words on the abdominal armor piece reads "The Soft Metal inside. Bullet-proof materials. Handle with care"

On the chest armor: "Caution: Bullet-proof steel inside. Handle with care". On the shoulder armor: "Caution: Laser release area. Don't touch when the yellow light" Who writes these things? Makes no sense. Bullet-proof steel, handle with care? seriously!

And this is the back armor. The words are repeated at the back as well but words aside (at least they are in small print), the sculpting of the armor pieces is good and the armor looks very futuristic and impressive. I just like all the etchings and grooves and the way each armor segment appear to interlock with each other and how they all come together. It's a very nice sleek design overall. Very cool :)

Scroll down to see more of the details of the armor of this InFlames Metal Boss Battle Armor version 1/6th scale limited edition 12-inch collectible figure. This is certainly a good buy if you can get it.

In the NEXT post: See how everything comes together for this InFlames Metal Boss Battle Armor version, otherwise known as "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" Big Boss / Naked Snake in Sneaking Suit with Zombie face camouflage

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