Friday, April 27, 2012

It doesn't get any weirder than this: ThreeA Supreme Mom & White Mother (Ebony & Ivory)

The latest teaser from ThreeA is about two female characters and the reason to make you think that they  are female is because they have boobs, unless you find yourself in Thailand, in which case you find yourself doubting whether people with boobs and who wears dresses are female or not. That's because there are so many Ladyboys in Thailand that they are Thailand's Third Gender (the kathoeys).

World War Robot "Supreme Mom" description: She hears all her children, and they hear her. Never to be lost, never to be alone, never to falter, that is her gift. Her shadow cast from Earth to Mars, including Rothchilds Moon! She is Supreme. WHAT?! did anybody get that? It's in English no doubt and yet it sounds all too foreign to me LOL. I guess I'm just not up to date with the World of WWR (World War Robot)

No face, no hair, just a face mask / gas mask connected to tubes leading to two tanks she carries on her back, presuming that they are oxygen tanks which keeps her breathing and alive. This is WWR Supreme Mom, all dressed in black while WWR White Mother is dressed in all white, what else! Scroll down to see the pictures :)

I understand the need for the oxygen tanks on her back but what I don't get is the tank carried between her legs. Rather unique, don't you think? Also check out those killer heels (ouch!)

Another look at the oxygen tanks carried by Supreme Mom, four in total. She must be one strong lady to be able to carry so many O2 tanks while wearing those crazy killer heels that make her look like she's a ballet dancer who's on her toes all the time!

The gas mask Supreme Mom wears

World War Robot "White Mother" description: Seen only once, appearing before the original 33. Each of the 33 were enriched with the milk of the white mother and propagate her teachings to the blind. Another case of a splattering of English that makes no sense, at least not to me. Is she just cold or are those an extra pair of eyes she can't see out of? They seem to be popping out of her all white suit ;p

More pictures of ThreeA World War Robot "White Mother" follows.

World War Robot "White Mother" is basically ThreeA World War Robot "Supreme Mom" in all white instead of all black, wearing crazy killer heels and a odd looking piece of apparatus between her legs.

Here's another look at the female figure from the side. See how the contraption protrudes out from between her legs -  some sort of a phallic symbol the artist was trying to portray I think.

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Rash said...

Seems to be crossing over into S&M territory. Nice as diversifies the 1/6th hobby though.

The Duke of Swann said...


Anonymous said...

Definitely won't be getting this, but I like the direction this company is going. Variety is the slice of life and the stimulus of our hobby.