Thursday, April 19, 2012

Playmobil Fi?ures Series 2 Skateboarder Figure

This is the Skateboarder figure from Playmobil Fi?ures Series 2. Playmobil Fi?ures all come polybagged with no name or distinguishable feature to tell you what figure is inside each bag. It's as if you have to pick a bag and hope for the best. The best way to know what you are getting is by squeezing or feeling the bag for any part or accessory that is unique to that figure. That is, if the store people will let you do that. Even better when the girls in the store help you out ;p That's how nice my experience went haha

Some nice things I like about this Playmobil Skateboarder figure - the hair is much improved from the earlier versions (its more stylish with wave) and the company was able to make this figure look layered (he has what looks like a lime green hoodie - also called a hooded sweatshirt or hoody - and blue vest over brown cargo pants). Plus he comes with two faces - the standard smiling face which has been there since the brand started in 1975 and a more playful cheeky version (scroll down to see the other face ;p). And he has his skateboard

This Playmobil Fi?ures Series 2 Skateboarder figure has tattoos on his left upper arm. Playmobil didn't just paint the short sleeve on his arm. The arm is actually made up of two pieces, the green short sleeve and the arm that is joined to it so that it looks distinct and not just a painted on job. Good show by Playmobil :)

And then there is the hoodie which is an additional piece you insert between the upper body / torso and the head. All these makes the outfit look layered.

The hoodie took off in the 1970s, with several factors contributing to its success. Hip hop culture developed in New York City around this time, and most critical to the hoodie's popularity during this time was its iconic appearance in the blockbuster Rocky film. By the 1990s, the hoodie had evolved into a symbol of isolation, a statement of academic spirit, and several fashion collections. Young men, often skateboarders or surfers, sported the hoodie and spread the trend across the western United States, most significantly in California. [source: wiki]

Here the Playmobil Fi?ures Series 2 Skateboarder sports the alternate face which comes with this figure, a more cheeky and mischievous youthful face. The skateboard comes with an extra plastic molded piece that goes into the centre of the board and keeps the skateboarder on his board without falling off. It even allows you to tilt the skateboard for more dramatic effect.

What else can I say? Have FUN with your Playmobil ;p even if you are all grown-up (that's no excuse haha)


icemocha75 said...

Thanks for the review, Alex. I can still recall that Playmobil was my very first action at the age of 4 or 5 back in the 70s. Can even remember that my dad bought it for me from the Metro at marine parade central. It still brings back so much sweet memories that I got started buying a few Playmobil figures for my young daughters recently. LOL.

alex teo said...

hey icemocha75, the pleasure is all mine :) That's the beauty of toys. They bring back a sense of nostalgia to us all and reminds us of the childhood we once had. Being a father myself, playing toys with my boys when they were young was a second childhood for me as well haha