Friday, April 20, 2012

REVIEW 1: Subway 24 Hours "Hero" aka 1/6th "24" Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer Figure

"24" is a TV serial drama which stars Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, focusing on the efforts of the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit, and their efforts to protect America from terrorism plots. Each episode typically follows Bauer, officials in the U.S. government, and the conspirators behind the events of the day, often simultaneously. The episodes take place over the course of one hour, depicting events as they happen, in real time. To emphasize the real-world flow of events, a clock is prominently displayed on-screen during the show, and there is a regular use of split screens, a technique used to depict multiple scenes occurring at the same time. [source: wiki]

This is the Subway 24 Hours "Hero" 12-inch figure which everybody knows is meant to be 1/6th scale Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer from the television series "24", although which season this figure is based on I'm not too sure ;p

This is not the first 12-inch Jack Bauer figure. There was the undersized Enterbay "24" Jack Bauer figure (reviewed HERE) and Playhouse GSG-9 (low profile version), an unlicensed Jack Bauer figure (reviewed HERE) and now this Subway 24 Hours "Hero" 1/6th scale "24" Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer Figure. Scroll down to see the pictures :)

The packaging is pretty straightforward. The box opens to reveal the 12-inch Jack Bauer figure residing in the main black foam tray wearing 1/6th scale brown leather jacket over gray long sleeve sweater, 527 Denim jeans and boots

Under the main tray is the accessories tray which contains all Jack needs for his mission: Apex body armor, EOtech 552 optic sight, 5222 large aviator sunglasses, M4A1 SOPMOD rifle with Collapsible stock, AR15 foregrip and M4 / M16 magazine, USP compact pistol with USP compact 9mm magazine, 268A flatsider paddle holster, Xenon laser light, and RRL leather mail bag / messenger bag

Here are all the accessories for this Subway 24 Hours "Hero" 12-inch figure boxed set laid out. Some assembly is required for the M4A1 SOPMOD rifle.

A closer look at the very well-made 1/6th scale leather RRL leather mail bag, M16 magazine, Xenon laser light, EOtech 552 optic sight, 268A flatsider paddle holster, USP compact pistol, USP compact 9mm magazine and 5222 large aviator sunglasses (they are collapsible i.e. the temples fold inwards just like the real pair)

M4A1 SOPMOD rifle with collapsible stock, AR15 foregrip, EOtech 552 optic sight and M4 / M16 magazine (some assembly required)

Here's the assembled M4A1 SOPMOD rifle - click on the pictures to get a bigger and better view :)

Click on the picture to get a BIGGER and BETTER view

Click on the picture to get an ENLARGED view

And now let's look at the figure itself. The Subway 24 Hours "Hero" figure aka 1/6 scale "24" Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer Figure came with a rather odd-looking pair of jeans that look puffed up. It actually makes him look FAT and I had problems with the leg articulation.

Jack looks even worse from the back

Then I discovered that the Subway 24 Hours "Hero" figure comes with padded underwear and then some. There are two pieces of pads that go around his thigh and restricts the jeans, making the leg movements difficult as well.

Subway 24 Hours "Hero" JACK has his bums enhanced by the padded underwear LOL

See how FAT Jack's bum looks with the padded underwear

So I removed the whole thing which I felt was redundant. When does a 1:6th figure need padded underwear? In this instance, it restricts the movement and leg articulation and makes him look FAT

Here's a closer look at the boots that Subway 24 Hours "Hero" JACK wears

And here's how Jack looks now without the padded underwear. Me thinks he looks much better :)

No more big fat butt but just a normal 1/6th scale dude

Check out the NEXT post to see how Subway 24 Hours "Hero" aka 1/6th scale "24" Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer Figure looks with the APEX vest (body armor) and M4A1 SOPMOD rifle


D7ana said...

The padded underpants remind me of the bladder control underpants. Ugh. Not an attractive look.

The face on this Jack Bauer figure looks homelier than the other one.

Thanks for sharing though.

alex teo said...

Thanks for dropping by D7ana :) Sharing my passion is always a pleasure. Always nice to get visits from like-minded people such as yourself with the same interests CHEERS

Shazone said...

How do you fit the scope on to the rifle? I'm having some trouble with mine :(

Love your blog mate. It's the go-to site before I get my hands on any 1/6 scale figure. Keep it up! :)

alex teo said...

Try using a hair dryer and hit up the scope. This would cause it to expand a little and that should enable it to fit onto the rails of the rifle.

Thanks for the positive energy mate :) CHEERS