Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hot Toys Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 1/6th scale "The Boss" 12-inch Collectible Figure

Along with Hot Toys announcement of their VGM15 (VideoGame Masterpiece Series) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 1/6th scale "Naked Snake" (Sneaking Suit Version) 12-inch Collectible Figure - see previous post - comes the companion figure: Hot Toys VGM14 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - "The Boss" 12-inch Collectible Figure.

The Boss, also known as The Joy, The Mother of Special Forces and Voyevoda (Russian for "Warlord"), was the "final child of the Philosophers," and the mentor of Naked Snake. She was the founding leader of the Cobra Unit, in which she was known as "The Joy," however, when they were disbanded at the end of World War II, she was granted the codename of "The Boss." Together with Naked Snake, she developed the technique of CQC.

Hot Toys VGM14 (VideoGame Masterpiece Series) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 1/6th scale The Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of The Boss in the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater video game. She stands approximately 28 cm tall with TrueType body that has over 28 points of articulations. Comes with Real-like golden hair sculpture with ponytail and Six (6) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of fists, Two (2) left relaxed palms, One (1) right palm for holding patriot, One (1) right palm for holding knife. Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted.

Costume: One (1) set of white and silver colored sneaking suit with strap in waist and pad on right knee, One (1) black cape, One (1) pair of white boots

Weapons: One (1) M-388 Davy Crockett launcher with case, One (1) M-388 Davy Crockett warhead with case, One (1) patriot, One (1) CQC knife with magnet

As far as I can tell, this figure is rather sparse in terms of gear and accessories compared with Naked Snake. Not much in terms of weapons either. I wonder if people will just buy Naked Snake and forego this figure altogether because of all the other figures that Hot Toys is supposed to be releasing as well.

Never available to the player, the M-388 Davy Crockett tactical recoilless nuclear rifle is a plot device within the game. The Boss stole a launcher and two high-yield warheads and gave them to Colonel Volgin, who used one to destroy Nikolai Sokolov's OKB-754 research facility, triggering the events of the main game. The Boss later uses the second to destroy Groznyj Grad, Volgin's private research facility. The Boss carries the launcher, both warheads, and their cases (which altogether weigh over three hundred kilograms) unassisted.

I don't know much about the game but this deadly lady (YES, she is supposed to be a female although one can be mistaken for thinking that she's a guy with breasts because she's built like a body builder / wrestler and looks like a dude!) looks rather odd in the whole getup.

I also noticed there aren't any back views for both figures previewed. Turnaround views would have been nice to allow us to see the complete figure before deciding if we want to purchase this or not. In this case, most likely NOT ;p

Accessories: Figure stand with The Boss nameplate and video game logo

The Boss's signature weapon, which is the Patriot, is actually the M231 Firing Port Weapon (FPW), an adapted version of the M16 assault rifle for firing from ports on the M2/M3 Bradley AFV. It has been fitted with a Beta C-Mag with seemingly infinite ammunition in the game. Officially the FPW was not to be used detached from the parent vehicle, unless in an emergency. The operator's manual pointed out 4 precautions that would have to be taken to utilize the weapon not attached the vehicle. These included a note about the excessive muzzle rise of the weapon during firing, that the barrel collar would become hot when firing and should not be touched, that hearing protection should be worn, and lastly that a brass catching bag or evacuation hose system would have to be installed.

click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

As if Hot Toys knows that most people won't bite when it comes to this figure, pictures have been posted of Naked Snake and The Boss fighting in close quarters unarmed combat in an effort to entice people to change their mind and buy, buy, buy.

I don't know about you but it's not working for me. Naked Snake is nice and the details are amazing but The Boss is not working out too well, even if she's supposed to be game accurate (no offense to MGS gamers and fans)

Can you hear what Naked Snake is whispering to The Boss? He's telling her, "You're FIRED! And your wardrobe malfunction isn't helping you in any way either. I would rather look at Black Widow's cleavage. Now that's a woman a man could easily love."

Artists: Head Sculpted by Jung Ju Won, Head Painted by JC.HONG, Head Art Directed by Kojun

Release date: Q4, 2012

You can pre-order this 1/6th scale The Boss Collectible Figure by Hot Toys at


Billy Joe said...

Loved the MGS3 game but hated the Boss character and the ending. I am surprised as hell that Hot Toys would make a figure of her.

Anonymous said...

Do u think that body is anatomically correct?

Andy said...

5 years of anticipation and I'm going to admit it's a little disappointing.

The Boss' head sculpt looks really strange, actually in the game she still had a feminine quality, but this one has almost none, other than the scarred breasts, and even those don't look too good. The only thing that is working is the suit.

Naked Snake's suit on the other hand looks terrible, but his head sculpt is fantastic, best 1/6 head sculpt of him so far.

Another thing is, I noticed you don't really know much about the figures you collect, well, at least from video games. I think that should be changed! You should really know the character so you an really appreciate the figure that much more, sharing the same news as the online stores doesn't give much depth in your preview.

YogaFrog said...

This was one of my favorite characters in Snake Eater. However I think HT made a mistake to display the preview pics with the zipper all the way down. For the majority of the game...The Boss was covered up. She wasn't known as a sexy character. That was Eva's role.

Thank goodness you will be able to zip that up and put the black cape on.

In my opinion they should of released the version of her in the fatigues and head band. (The first half of the game). Hopefully...that version is coming up next...