Saturday, April 21, 2012

REVIEW II: Subway 24 Hours "Hero" 1/6th scale Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer 12-inch Figure

continued from previous post...

This is the Subway 24 Hours "Hero" 12-inch figure aka 1/6th scale "24" Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer wearing the gray long sleeve sweater (OR also known as grandad shirt), Apex body armor, blue jeans, boots and armed with the 1/6th scale M4A1 SOPMOD rifle with collapsible stock, AR15 foregrip, Xenon laser light and one M4 / M16 magazine.

In the earlier post, I had covered the box packaging and its contents, including the ridiculously looking padded underwear which I promptly removed after finding out that it impedes the figure's leg articulation. It also made him look like he had a big fat butt! Now he looks more like a regular dude out to kick some terrorist a$$!

Because I will be putting on his 1/6th scale brown leather jacket over his gray grandad shirt (a long-sleeved collarless shirt, not really a sweater since a sweater is thicker for keeping warm) in the NEXT post, I decided to post pictures of this Subway 24 Hours "Hero" 12-inch figure without his jacket here so that we can see what he's wearing underneath the jacket.

It's also a good time to show off the well produced 1/6th scale M4A1 SOPMOD rifle with collapsible stock, AR15 foregrip, Xenon laser light and one M4 / M16 magazine.

Scroll down to see more turnaround views of 1/6th scale "24" Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer from Subway. This is an unlicensed figure hence no official title, just 24 Hours "Hero" but everybody knows who he's supposed to be. Plus non-licensed means it's easier on the pocket and more affordable :) Hot Toys and EnterBay (not forgetting Medicom Toys) are pricing their products so HIGH that they are making people leave the market. It's getting ridiculous!

In this shot and the next, you can see where Jack keeps his USP compact pistol with USP compact 9mm magazine - in the 268A flatsider paddle holster neatly tucked into the right side of his hip.

These pictures are why I like 1/6th scale figures :) they can look so realistic that sometimes they can be mistaken for a real picture of the person rather than a miniature model, a 12-inch tall version of the actual 1:1 scale subject.

The clothes and the whole getup including his weapons and gear look so real and to scale that it actually looks believable. I've seen dioramas that are mind blowing in their realism and you can just stand and stare, and admire the details that went into making the whole set. As for me, I'm just a figure person i.e. I collect one figure at a time and sometimes group them together for group shots or pose them in the same group in the display cabinet. No dioramas since they take up more space than I can afford.

This Subway 24 Hours "Hero" aka 1/6th scale "24" Jack Bauer 12-inch figure will be the third Jack Bauer figure I have, after the undersized Enterbay "24" Jack Bauer figure (reviewed HERE) and Playhouse GSG-9 (low profile version), an unlicensed Jack Bauer figure (reviewed HERE) which were released earlier, in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

This latest incarnation of Jack Bauer from "24" isn't that bad. Sure it's not up to Hot Toys standards but it doesn't come at Hot Toys price either. I can buy two different figures for one Hot Toys figure and that means I have more options and choices. How many Iron Man can one guy have? How many repaints of the same figure does one really need?

Scroll down for close-up pictures of the Subway 24 Hours "Hero 1/6th scale Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer head sculpt :)

Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland (born 21 December 1966) is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Jack Bauer on the Fox series "24" for which he won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Satellite Awards. [source: wiki]

Stand by Me was the first film Sutherland made in the United States. He played the neighborhood bully in the coming of age story about the search for a dead body. Sutherland has appeared in more than 70 films, most notably The Lost Boys, The Bay Boy, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, A Few Good Men, Flatliners, Young Guns, The Vanishing, The Three Musketeers, Eye for an Eye, Dark City, A Time To Kill, and The Sentinel.

Since 2001, Sutherland has been associated most widely with the role of Jack Bauer, on the critically acclaimed television series 24. In 2007, Sutherland accepted an invitation from the U.S. military to tell West Point cadets that it is wrong to torture prisoners. Sutherland made clear statements of his opposition to torture, specifically that, " is widely known that you can torture someone and they'll basically tell you exactly what you want to hear, whether it's true or not, if you put someone in enough pain. Torture is not a way of procuring information."

And here's a close-up view of the 1/6th scale M4A1 SOPMOD rifle with collapsible stock, AR15 foregrip, Xenon laser light and one M4 / M16 magazine.

Last but not least, close-up picture of Jack's USP compact pistol (with USP compact 9mm magazine) in the 268A flatsider paddle holster

In the last review posted HERE, we'll see Jack in his complete attire / outfit i.e. what you see here plus his brown leather jacket, RRL leather mail bag / messenger bag and 5222 large aviator sunglasses :)


Lawrence said...

i have the playhouse 'jack' and wasn't planning on getting this. but damn, your blog is poisonous..

alex teo said...

hi Lawrence, i also have the playhouse version but this latest Jack Bauer figure is just as good, if not better than Playhouse, especially in the head sculpt area ;p i'm loving it haha wait till you see Jack in his whole outfit in the next post - that should convince you to get him CHEERS

Lawrence said...

your review i & ii is good enough, no need to wait for your review iii, i've already ordered one. lol..

alex teo said...

haha glad to be able to help you with your decision-making process Lawrence :) I'm sure you'll ENJOY it when it arrives CHEERS

Digital Desperado said...

Hi,Alex. I ordered this figure, which I haven´t received yet, and the Tony Almeida "betrayer" one. I also ordered a spare M4 to equip Tony, and I´m having problems assembling the Xenon light on the M4.Any advice on how to proceed?Thanks!!

alex teo said...

I think you have to use a hair dryer to heat up the light so that it expands a little before you can fit it onto the rails of the M4. Cheers