Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review 1: Figure Club 1/6 Mad Cop 12" action figure from "Léon: The Professional (1994)"

Norman Stansfield (billed as Stansfield) is a fictional character, portrayed by Gary Oldman, who is the primary antagonist of Luc Besson's 1994 film "Léon: The Professional". Oldman's performance has been recognized as influential and the character described as one of cinema's greatest villains.

Stansfield is a corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent who employs a holder (Michael Badalucco) to store cocaine in his residence. When Stansfield learns that the holder has been stealing some of the drugs for himself, he and his henchmen gun down the man's entire family, with the exception of 12-year old Mathilda (Natalie Portman), who is able to find refuge with neighbor, and professional hitman, Léon (Jean Reno).

Figure Club Mad Cop figure comes with 1/6 scale real-like head sculpt, 12-inch male base body, realistic and detailed beige / cream color suit, white long sleeve shirt, brown leather belt with metal buckle, black socks, brown shoes, walkie-talkie, shotgun with flashlight attached, revolver, lighter, cigarette and miniature pill container. Scroll down to see the pictures :)

The Figure Club Mad Cop packaging box is nothing to shout about. It's as plain as can be. Black box with a picture pasted on one side telling you what product you are purchasing. Inside the box you'll find the Mad Cop 12-inch figure in the main tray, all dressed up but nowhere to go. All the accessories are kept in zip-lock bags below the tray.

In the movie, Gary Oldman as Stansfield wears a beige suit. He has been described as a psychopath, and as having an unhinged, unpredictable personality; he has also been cited for his charm, however.

Scroll down for turnaround views of this Figure Club 1/6th scale Mad Cop 12-inch action figure with beige suit, white long sleeve shirt, brown leather belt with metal buckle, black socks and brown shoes.

The Figure Club Mad Cop 1/6th scale beige suit is very well tailored / made with fine stitching and details

The collar isn't too big and ill-fitting like some other company's that I've seen and the suit fits the figure quite nicely

Check out the close-up details of this Figure Club 1/6 Mad Cop 12" action figure's beige suit. Stansfield dresses rather well for a cop considering the amount of legwork he has to do. I never picture cops sitting behind their desks all day long like the corporate bankers

Brown shoes are a nice deviation from the regular black ones that we always see and who wears black shoes with beige suits ;p

Close-up pictures taken of the Figure Club Mad Cop 1/6 scale head sculpt. I think it is supposed to resemble Gary Oldman as Norman Stansfield.

In "Léon: The Professional (1994)", Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman) uses an Ithaca 37 with a tactical flashlight mounted on the pump fore-end, and fitted with a pistol grip while raiding Mathilda's (Natalie Portman) house.

Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman) keeps a Smith & Wesson Model 629 revolver with a 3" barrel and unfluted cylinder as his duty sidearm. Stansfield's Smith & Wesson Model 629 appears to be customized or at least a rare, non-catalogued special production run.

Throughout the film "Léon: The Professional (1994)", Stansfield takes an unidentified drug in capsule form, which causes exaggerated physical contortions and heavy breathing, and apparent feelings of blissfulness.

NEXT: Catch Stansfield in action as he wields the shotgun


rudeboy said...

I got this figure about three weeks back. From the front, my initial impression was that it looks more like Liam Neeson than Gary Oldman.

I bought it anyway because I also got the Léon figure and if we didn't have Stansfield, who would he fight?

Now to kitbash that Natalie Portman head with a lot of hair rerooting for a grown-up, hopefully kick-ass Mathilda.

alex teo said...

Looking forward to seeing that :) it's about time we see a Natalie Portman Mathilda figure!!! It has been that long and somebody should make a 1/6 figure of her already