Saturday, October 20, 2012

Preview ZC World ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol. 009 1/6 scale Handtools Set 2.0 for 12" Figures

ZC World (ZCWO) is not slowing down at all. Since announcing their collaboration with Iminime to produce the 1/6 scale "A Better Tomorrow" Mark Lee 12-inch Figure (see my earlier post HERE) and ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol. 008 Men's Fashion (for Jim Gordon) - see my post HERE, ZCWO has just released pictures of their next Mens Hommes 1/6 scale outfit and accessories set i.e MH Vol. 009 1/6 scale Handtools Set 2.0

ZC World had already released the ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.004 1/6 Construction Crew Tools and Accessories set earlier this year (see my REVIEW here) so this is a Handtools Set version 2.0 with some repeat items but lots of new items as well so it's certainly worth taking a look ;p Scroll down to see more pictures...

Do note that the 1/6 scale head sculpt and 12-inch figure body are NOT included. They are only used to model and show off the outfit and apron plus give us an idea of scale.

All in all, quite a nice set to have and a great addition to the hobby :) more options for us 1/6 scale 12-inch figure collectors though not everyone's cup of tea

This 1/6 figure has more tools than I'll ever own haha

ZC World ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol. 009 1/6 scale Handtools Workshop Set includes: Outfit comprising Black / Grey Long Sleeve Work Shirt, White Long Sleeve Tee, Denim Jeans, White Safety Helmet, Welding Apron, Welding Gloves, Welding Sleeves, Welding Leg Guards, White Towel and Safety Boots

Hand Tools: Electric Metal Drop Saw, Electric Angle Grinder, Welding Mask, Welding Machine, Trolley (Rotating Wheels), Tool Box with Removable Tray, Electric Saw, Socket Extension, Multi Socket Plug, Angle Bars, Ball Pein Hammer, Hand Saw, Metal Chain with Lock and Key, Pliers, Wrenches, Screwdriver, Retractable Cutter, Pencil, Pen, Tape Ruler, Power Screwgun, File, WO40 Spray

Workshop Scene (cardboard): Ground, Brick Wall Background. Cupboard, Working Table, Warning Tape, Posters

Body Parts: 2 pair of Hands, 1 pair of feet


Unknown said...

This is really of great delicacy, especially his working tools. so good!

Michel R. Gramond said...

This look more like a kit for a serial killer, or somenthing like that, to me :/

alex teo said...

well said Michel R Gramond ;p the SAW movies come to mind haha