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An army girl's life in Afghanistan - The Real Deal

MC Toys did not portray Army girls in the right light (see the preview pictures HERE) so I think the following story will put things in the proper perspective and give Army girls the proper respect they deserve for putting their lives on the frontline and serving their country for the betterment of peace.

The accompanying pictures and text are taken from the UK's DailyMail (full article HERE) where Photojournalist Alison Baskerville spent six weeks in Helmand Afghanistan following Captain Anna Crossley, 31, a nurse at UCL hospital and Lieutenant Jessica French who had spent six months going into villages and small settlements to talk to women and earn their trust. The photos capture the everyday lives of the Army's women 'engagement officers' who fight in the vital battle for hearts and minds across Helmand.

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On patrol: Lieutenant Jessica French visits an Afghan community in Helmand. As a Female Engagement officer, her jobs is to gain the support and trust of Afghan women

Show and tell: Lieutenant French speaks to a crowd of mostly women. She believes education is key to a brighter future for female Afghans

Ready for action: Captain Crossley, a nurse at UCL hospital on a six-month tour in Afghanistan, stands in full military gear against a backdrop of mountains

Making friends: Anna's language training has helped her to gain access to compounds and the residents are intrigued by her.

Captain Alice Homer is an officer with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. She has just spent six months running a small section of soldiers in Camp Bastion

Getting kitted up: Two female soliders prepare to head out on a joint patrol to engage with local Afghan families to train them in basic veterinary care. It is often the children's responsibility to look after the goats for the family

Captain Crossley heads out to join soldiers from 3 Rifles as they prepare for a patrol to help her gain entry into a local compound

All equal: The soldiers look exactly the same as one another as they go on patrol

Expectant: Captain Crossley is pictured in the Upper Gereshk Valley of Helmand. Here she kneels down as she joins a patrol to see whether she can access a local Afghan compund in the hope that she may meet women and children

Captain Crossley (pictured) said one of the highlights of her tour was 'seeing the absolute fascination of women in the compound when I removed my helmet and glasses to speak to them in their own language.'

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