Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preview MC Toys Armed Girl series 1/6 scale Desert Flecktarn Suit for 12" female figures

Flecktarn (German: "spotted camouflage"; also known as Flecktarnmuster or Fleckentarn) is a 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-colour disruptive camouflage pattern, the most common being the five-colour pattern, consisting of dark green, light green, black, red brown and green brown or tan depending on the manufacturer. The use of spots creates a "dithering" effect, which eliminates hard boundaries between the different colours in much the same way the squares in the newest digital camouflage patterns do. The pattern is designed for use in temperate woodland terrain. It has been adapted as desert camouflage by varying the colours.

This is Magic Cube Toys next offering / upcoming release which will be the MC Toys Armed Girl series 1/6 scale Desert Flecktarn Suit for girls i.e. 12-inch female action figures. The Desert Flecktarn Armed Girl Suit will come with G36C Compact Assault Rifle, Rifle Magazine X 4, Suppressor, Tactical Light X 1, Army Desert Flecktarn Pants, Belt, Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Desert Flecktarn Cap, Skull Pattern Scarf, Desert Flecktarn chest rig, G36 Double Magazine Pouch x 2, Desert Flecktarn Dump Pouch, Combat Boots. Do note that 12-inch female figure is NOT included

This is more pure fantasy than reality :( Who dresses like this for battle in the desert except in bad Hollywood movies tsk tsk Who are they trying to kid? She is so exposed not just by showing so much skin and flesh but also by having not enough protection at all. At least give the poor girl a shirt as well.

Scroll down to see more pictures of this unrealistic rendition of a modern battle girl that is MC Toys Armed Girl series 1/6 scale Desert Flecktarn Suit. I can't bring myself to label this as a military set because it would be doing injustice to the actual troops in the battlefield.

For me, this is a FAIL :(

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Anonymous said...

It may not be an authentic rendition of an Army uniform (they can't have long hair either) ; but it's not a bad action figure as a gun babe .