Saturday, October 13, 2012

Latest: PIRP Toys 1/6 scale Inspector Outfit Set with Bonus 1/6 head sculpt and 12" figure body

Just when you thought you have already seen what 1/6 scale civilian outfit you want to put on for Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon (see previous post), out pops another Inspector outfit from another 1/6 scale manufacturer / company with bonus head sculpt and 12-inch figure body - all these in two days (I only just saw this!)

PIRP Toys 1/6 scale Inspector Outfit Set also comes with Bonus 1/6 Head Sculpt & 12-inch Figure Body and is expected to arrive November 2012.

The PIRP Toys 1/6 scale Inspector Outfit Set includes: Glasses, Gray Raincoat, Gray long sleeve V-neck Sweater, Tie x 2 (crimson dotted and dark brown), Pants, Gray Wool Scarf, Dress Shirt x 2 (blue gray + striped), Belt, Socks, Shoes, Police Badge, Pistol, Holster and Cigarette. BONUS: Figure and Head Sculpt included free with purchase of this set. Scroll down to see more pictures and the link to pre-order this Police Inspector outfit set

There has been an ongoing debate in the forums as to what Gary Oldman as Lt James "Jim" Gordon actually wore in the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Some say the scarf, vest and jacket of this particular Inspector outfit set is wrong and that ZCWO got theirs right (see previous post) BUT that the tie is right here and the clothes seem to be better tailored with the police badge included.

I think once you plonk the Gary Oldman Jim Gordon head on, he looks just like the character from the Batman films. As a plains clothes Gotham City Police Department detective, I think Jim Gordon has more clothes that those seen in the movies and as long as he looks good in what he wears, who are we to question? Anyone who doesn't know better will take one look at the head sculpt and say,"Hey! That's Jim Gordon!"

So what do I think? Well, if you have the funds, buy both :) Mix and match till you get it the way you want Jim Gordon to be attired. All the loose bits can be used for kitbashing other figures; I've been doing that for years ;p Check out my stash HERE and that is also growing haha

The bonus 1/6 head sculpt looks a lot like Hot Toys Toy Fairs Exclusive "The Dark Knight" 1/6 Lt. Jim Gordon 12" Figure doesn't it? See pictures HERE

The 1/6 scale miniature glasses / spectacles are different from Hot Toys version though and looks to go into the side of his head under the hair.

You can pre-order this PIRP Toys 1/6 Inspector Outfit Set with Bonus head sculpt and figure body from Cotswold collectibles HERE


Dennis said...

Now this looks good too. Now which is more accurate.. Buying both is a little too much.

Unknown said...

I know this head sculpt! Haha, so cool!

alex teo said...

Hey Dennis, I believe this one costs double the ZCWO version but comes with the Gordon head and 12-inch body. I am still more keen on ZCWO because I already have the head sculpt and just want the outfit but in the end, it's all down to personal preferences CHEERS

Dennis said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts man. I actually like the zcwo version too, just the pants a bit baggy. And I have Gordon HS from the HT. I will likely just get the zcwo and a body.


Joaquin said...

Hi Dennis , I have a question is Gordon HS on yours photos is the bonus one that comes with inspector dressing set right ? I'm not sure. thank you man

alex teo said...

Hi Joaquin, the photos shown were released by PIRP Toys and I think the bonus Gordon HS they mention is a recast of the HT one. These have been circulating in the market already.

Joaquin said...

thx so much @lex , I've just pre-ordered it today but on website it seems like the item has not been released yet. Anyway for my thought this one is the best suit I've ever seen and HS is more realistic than HT one, so keen to get it.