Monday, October 1, 2012

Mezco Toyz 2007 Comic Con Exclusive Abe Sapien 7-inch Action Figure by Mike Mignola

This is the 2007 Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive Abe Sapien 7-inch action figure from the Hellboy comic series created by Mike Mignola. The packaging art was also designed by the great Mike Mignola himself which I've stashed somewhere (not throwing that one away ;p). As I have already mentioned earlier, Mignola is one my most favourite comic artists and his unique illustration style has been making waves in the comic industry ever since he first emerged onto the scene.

Abraham "Abe" Sapien is a paranormal investigator. He is often an ally of Hellboy. Abe is a humanoid amphibious creature. He has a pair of gills on his neck, allowing him to breathe underwater, but also has a set of normal human lungs allowing him to stay above and out of water for long periods. However, he does need to regularly “get wet” to keep him from becoming too weak.

Abe possesses webbed hands and feet, and has large, bright eyes that help to see in murky, thick water. He has distinctive black/blue stripes vertically overlapping his forehead in a shape reminiscent of a “V”, and easily ranks as an Olympic-level swimmer, if not actually surpassing that measure, thanks to his highly athletic physique.

Abe was formerly Langdon Everett Caul, a powerful married businessman involved with a strange cult in the Victorian Era. At a secret meeting, witnessed by the future Abe in spirit form after being killed with a spear, Caul and other gentlemen perform an arcane ritual that accidentally releases a strange jellyfish-like deity.

Abe's spirit merges with his former self and the two become one, transforming Caul into an Ichthyo sapien. Ironically, Abe’s spirit bonded with his past incarnation to become the modern Abraham Sapien, demonstrating a pre-destination paradox.

Abe's water casket was discovered by a group of plumbers within an ancient long-lost chamber beneath the St. Trinian’s Hospital. The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.) quickly intercepted the hibernating creature, and named it “Abraham Sapien,” in reference to the old message written on his casket: April 14th 1865; the date of President Abraham Lincoln’s death.

This Mezco Toyz 2007 Comic Con Exclusive Abe Sapien 7-inch Action Figure by Mike Mignola comes with his BPRD vest with emblem / logo on the back and a metal spear

Here's Abe with his buddies, Liz Sherman and Hellboy. It's funny how Mezco Toyz released two sets of figures from the Hellboy comic line / series but Abe Sapien was not one of the figures released. So this SDCC exclusive Abe Sapien figure is the only one to complete the group.

NEXT: Liz Sherman - she's the HOT one ;p

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