Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-order Blitzway Ultimate Masterpiece Series 1/6 "Carlito" Limited Edition Collectible Figure

Carlito's Way is a 1993 crime film directed by Brian De Palma, based on the novels Carlito's Way and After Hours by Judge Edwin Torres. The film adaptation was scripted by David Koepp. It stars Al Pacino and Sean Penn, with Penelope Ann Miller, Luis Guzmán, John Leguizamo, and Viggo Mortensen in supporting roles. The film's featured song, "You Are So Beautiful", was performed by Joe Cocker. The film follows the life of Carlito Brigante (played by Al Pacino) after he is released from prison and vows to go straight and retire in paradise. However, unable to escape his past, he ends up being dragged into the same criminal activities that got him imprisoned in the first place.

Blitzway Ultimate Masterpiece Series BW002 1/6th Scale "Carlito" Limited Edition Collectible Figure Features Newly sculpted head of ‘Carlito Brigante’ in ‘Carlito’s Way’, Slim muscle PVC & ABS body with over 30 points of articulation, 4 Extra hands (6 hands in Total), A Silver color plated gun and a black gun, A Jack-knife (Silver color plated), A Golden necklace, A Golden bracelet, Gold color plated Sunglasses, A bunch of Dollar bills (1/6 scale), A bottle of beer, A Gold color plated watch, Leather like Jacket, dress shirts, vest, necktie, pants and belt plus Black shoes with socks. Extra dress shirts. A Figure Base with Metal name tag (W 12.5cm x L 12.5cm x H 2.3cm)

Al Pacino as Carlito Brigante. Pacino came to "Carlito's Way" directly from his Oscar-winning role in "Scent of a Woman". To get into the character, he accompanied Torres through East Harlem. There he could absorb the sights and atmosphere. Pacino first envisioned Carlito with a ponytail, but his visits to Harlem showed the men there were not wearing their hair that way. The beard was Pacino's idea. The black leather coat fit the period setting.

Release: December 2012. Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.

You can pre-order Blitzway's 1/6 Scale Carlito Brigante 12-inch figure from "Carlito’s Way (1993)" at BigBadToyStore HERE or The Falcon's Hangar HERE


drewflu61 said...

Last week someone spent over 2000.00 on ebay for one of the 25 Carlito figures done by customizer Kojun. This looks better and is a steal at less than 1/10 the price.

alex teo said...

Ouch! That somebody must be feeling rather poor now ;p

Anonymous said...

Blitzway did a decent job on Scarface,plus the price was alot cheaper then the Enterbay version more bang for your buck,can't wait for this 1 wonder what figures their gonna do next?watch out Hot Toys here cums Blitzway

alex teo said...

Yay Blitzway :)

Dennis said...

No idea about this, but the overall sculpt and package is good. I am thinking of getting it. Since Arnie Kim is with them, I guess we will see Bruce Lee soon.