Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review 1: Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex Hades Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figure

This just came in the mail yesterday and I had to put aside and interrupt my regular scheduled toy posts to blog about this because this particular product deserves that much attention :) I haven't been so excited about a figure for a while.

Once in a while (in fact: not very often), a company comes along and puts forth a wonderfully original concept with equally breathtaking designs for a 1/6 scale series of 12-inch figures. You see the designs and great ideas they have put in place and you want to wish that company all the very best because you so want to see them succeed in order that they can roll out all their planned releases as what they offer surely is a breath of fresh air and something the 1/6 world needs and wants. That company is Foxbox Studio and their product is God Complex!

Bryan Lie of Foxbox Studio (check out their site HERE and facebook page HERE) designed most of the products himself (they are beautiful designs) and to see the same designs translated into 3-D form is really something special! You can check out the God Complex site HERE. This is their second 1/6 scale figure to be released after their earlier offering of Hermes (reviewed HERE and HERE) and it is none other than Hades! Scroll down to see more pictures ;p

The backstory: Hades is the figurehead of the largest criminal organization in Hellenic Republic, Tartarus. While he is not exactly malevolent, Hades along with trusted gun, Cerberus II, strike mortal fear into people's hearts because Hades is not bound by any laws.

The box packaging is simple and straightforward and I really like the designs / graphics. On the back of the box are the credits and tells you who is responsible for which aspect of the product. Big thanks to Bryan Lie for making this happen.

The box lid opens to reveal the top tray where "God Complex: Hades" lies, together with a card which is the Certificate of Authenticity.

Below the main tray which holds the figure is the accessories tray which holds a gun and what appears to be a staff (more than meets the eye) plus six gloved hands for you to attach to the figure. An instruction sheet advises you to always use a hairdryer before putting on or pulling out the hands. Removing the head is also not recommended as "the joint fits really tight and forceful pulling may cause breakage."

I also received an exclusive Hades print which measures 9 inches wide and 18 inches high. It's signed by Bryan Lie himself. How cool is that \m/*.*\m/

And now to the product itself. God Complex: Hades wears what appears to be a black T-shirt under his jacket (In my excitement, I didn't remove the jacket to confirm this). He comes with black pants and black shoes as well. The shoes are actually "beet" or boot-feet meaning the peg goes straight into the shoes. There are no feet and no socks.

Hades has some form of neck armor attached to his skull head. Looks like a distant cousin of the Red Skull but you know what? I prefer Hades to the Red Skull. IMHO God Complex: Hades looks cooler

This is how God Complex Hades looks without his "helmet" (the "helmet" is included in the main tray and is attached via magnets). Hades has some cool looking shoulder armor on his right shoulder and interesting patterns on his jacket

Scroll down for more turnaround views of this Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex Hades Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figure. I really like how he turned out.

And here are some close-up pictures / shots of the Fox Studio God Complex Hades 1/6 scale head sculpt which includes the neck armor on which the skull sits. Pretty cool

The shoulder armor is not one solid piece but three pieces joined together so they can be articulated and moved individually

NEXT: Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex Hades Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figure puts on his "helmet" for the complete look :)

Also check out FoxBox Studio "God Complex: Hermes" 1/6 Figure HERE (box and contents), Review II HERE (complete figure with accessories) and HERE. ONLY 100 pieces of "God Complex Hermes" were produced and this time time round, 500 pieces of "God Complex Hades". Let's hope Foxbox Studio continues to enjoy its success and produce more of their God Complex 12-inch figures.


humanbeingill said...

Where can I find this? ebay wants organs, first borns and pensions for this... And I have none to spare... Proportions look a bit off though...

alex teo said...

Hades looks much better with his helmet on :) I just wanted to show how he looks without it before I took pictures of God Complex Hades with the helmet on.

This figure was only available through pre-orders which were taken sometime in February this year. You can check out their facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/FoxBox-Studio/182120568499957?fref=ts

Fat Gecko said...

A very nice review and great looking figure, Alex. Very refreshing change from the usual fare from mainstream toy co. Pity I could not get one now. Looking forward their next release.

alex teo said...

Yup! definitely a refreshing change :)