Thursday, October 18, 2012

Incoming: WorldBox Lakor Baby 003 1/6 scale Iron Baby 6-inch action figure - Baby Avengers?

WorldBox has released preview /prototype pictures of their LAKOR BABY (Item Number: 003) 1/6 scale Iron Baby action figure. After their Baby Joker (see my post HERE) and Bat Baby (pictures HERE) figures, it looks like they might be venturing into Marvel's The Avengers. Actually they aren't so much babies - toddlers would have been a more correct term but either way, I just don't get it ;p

WorldBox LAKOR BABY 1/6 scale Iron Baby 6-inch (150 mm or 15 cm) action figure features: Baby head, body(150mm / 6-inch), gloved hands x 2, boots x 1 pair, transparent pacifier and dog. According to them, the Eyes and Chest will shine in the dark environment. I'm thinking they meant glow-in-the-dark and not light-up.

Personally, I just don't get this line at all and I couldn't bring myself to cough up the dough to buy any of these (plus they aren't cheap either). But to each their own I guess. Perhaps some find it adorable to have a baby version standing next to the Hot Toys 12-inch versions of the Joker, Batman and Iron Man. Well, as the company's motto says,"Take Happiness Home". Buy it if you like it and don't buy it if you don't (like me haha)

click on the pic for a bigger view

click on the pic for a bigger view

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