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Hot Toys MMS "Appleseed Ex Machina" 1/6 scale Deunan Knute fully pose-able figure

From S.W.A.T. (see earlier post) to E.S.W.A.T.

"Appleseed Ex Machina" is a 2007 Japanese animated CG film and the sequel to the 2004 "Appleseed" film, similarly directed by Shinji Aramaki, and was produced by Hong Kong director and producer John Woo.

In the year 2199, a series of random terrorist attacks perpetrated by cyborgs and humans alike threaten to throw Olympus (a futuristic utopia where humans, cyborgs and bio-engineered human beings called "Bioroids" are attempting to live in perfect harmony) into total chaos. Olympus' paramilitary task force called E.S.W.A.T. (Extra-Special Weapons and Advanced Tactics) must try to prevent more attacks and maintain the peace. Thrown into the action is plucky female E.S.W.A.T. warrior Deunan Knute and her cyborg lover / partner Briareos Hecatonchires who must investigate these bizarre occurrences and solve the puzzle with the other members of their unit.

Hot Toys released these 1/6 scale fully pose-able figures of Deunan and Briareos from the "Appleseed Ex Machina" animated film back then and I am happy to say that the rubber suits are still holding up very well :) I had posted pictures of the packaging and accessories in my earlier post HERE including the targeting scope which Deunan wears over her right eye, sword unsheathed and Hecate P-08 pistol.

In the Appleseed saga first written as a science fiction manga by Masamune Shirow, Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires are the main characters who were originally former SWAT members of the LAPD. They are found in the desolated city and invited to join the prestigious ESWAT (Extra Special Weapons And Tactics) organization in the utopian city of Olympus, the new world's most powerful state.

I really like how Hot Toys kept the size and scale in mind when they produced these two figures. Deunan being the girl is petite (about 10 inches tall) whereas Briareos, formerly an African man but has since undergone a full cyborg body replacement is big and imposing (almost 14 inches tall, taking into consideration his "rabbit ears").

Their body armor / suits are almost identical in design and very nicely done too. The rubber suits do impede the movement / articulation of the joints somewhat because the rubber tends to want to revert to its original state when you try to pose the figures. But overall, it's still a very nice design because you are definitely not going to make Briareos perform ballet poses and the like. They are lovely figures as they are and knowing that you can make them take up certain poses if you wanted to is still a plus point, at least for me because in the world of 1/6, there aren't any other figures of these anime characters.

Deunan Knute (デュナン・ナッツ Dyunan Nattsu) is the main protagonist from the science fiction manga Appleseed and its adaptations in anime. Along with her partner Briareos Hecatonchires, she is one of ESWAT's most important members. Known for her tendency to anger and lack of patience, Deunan is still widely appreciated by her partners for her professionalism and acumen.

As an ESWAT member, Deunan is a specialist in weapons handling, explosive devices manipulations, hand-to-hand combat and an excellent Landmate pilot.

The daughter of Carl and Dr. Gilliam Knute she is considered a highly skilled warrior and spent almost her entire life fighting in a war that is, for the most part, over. It wasn't until she was captured in the middle of a ruined city by an ESWAT (Extra-Special Weapons and Advanced Tactics) team led by Hitomi and her former lover Briareos, that she was finally evacuated from the Badlands.

When she arrived in Olympus, the change of environment was severe, but it was a greater shock to her to find out that Briareos had lost over 75% of his original body during the last Global War and was now a cyborg.

Scroll down to see more close-up pictures of this excellent female form that is Hot Toys MMS (Movie Masterpiece Series) "Appleseed Ex Machina" 1/6 scale Deunan Knute fully pose-able figure

I couldn't resist adding a third figure into the fray ;p

Standing with Hot Toys "Appleseed Ex Machina" 1/6 scale Deunan and Briareos is FoxBox Studio "God Complex: Hermes" 12-inch figure. The Appleseed saga / story occurs mostly in Olympus (a futuristic utopia where humans, cyborgs and bio-engineered human beings called "Bioroids" are attempting to live in perfect harmony) and in Greek mythology, Hermes is one of the twelve gods residing atop a mythical Mount Olympus when the Olympians gained their supremacy in a war of gods in which Zeus led his siblings to victory over the Titans.

MORE pictures of FoxBox Studio 1/6 scale "God Complex: Hermes" limited edition 12-inch collectible figure HERE and HERE

Also check out the latest Foxbox Studio "God Complex: Hades" figure REVIEWED HERE and HERE :)

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Dennis said...

Honestly, Briareos is the figure who got me to know about Hot Toys. I didn't get it back then, and to get it now is crazy price. I don't think these will be re-released since HT is busy with avengers, Iron Man, Batman, X-Men.

alex teo said...

Hot Toys' plate is pretty full now (⊙_⊙) especially with the more popular figures PLUS their many variants. Those were good time when Hot Toys was very generous with accessories

Dennis said...

I agree with you. Now that their brand consider main stream, I was bit disappointed with their professionalism in QC aspects. On one hand, they start to increase their price at least $50 or more. Yet, their accessories really shrink and have QC issues with their products.

I hope their company value customer response and feedback. When they expect the customer to pay more, the customer increase their expectation. What I really admire is their sculpting team. The recent product really storm the market. The brilliant Bruce Wayne head sculpt, the latest Iron Monger with one of the best engineering effort. They are poisoning us. :D

alex teo said...

Hot Toys knows they are the reigning king of 1/6 all thanks to their sculpting team resulting in their customer base growing by leaps and bounds. Let's hope they don't forget their fans and their passion as well as QC.

humanbeingill said...

THIS set is what blew my mind when I first saw them just a few years ago, I just couldn't believe the quality and presentation of what I was seeing. Being a high anime fan APPLESEED is one of my favorites. Back then spending money on a toy that was so expensive was ludicrous, but when I saw theses I knew EVERYTHING would change..5 years later they're are still my favorites!!!. Hot Toys re-released theses??!!

alex teo said...

Nah, Hot Toys didn't re-release these. Just me taking pictures of some of my favorites. These two are not new figures, just old ones getting some new attention haha CHEERS