Saturday, November 10, 2012

Preview DID Waffen SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich", Eastern Front 1943 - SS Engineer "Niels"

WWII Sturm-Pioniers (Assault Pioneers) were German combat engineers responsible for the construction of bridges for infantry soldiers to cross natural and man-made obstacles as well as the breaching of enemy fortifications; supervising the construction of field defensive works such as bunkers, support weapon firing positions, etc.

DID's new Waffen SS Engineer "Niels" depicts such a sturm-pionier within the SS-Panzer-Division "DAS Reich", during operations in Eastern Front 1943.

DID Waffen SS-Panzer-Division "DAS Reich", Eastern Front 1943 - SS Engineer "Niels" Set will include: One 1/6 scale head sculpt, One New all-era 12-inch figure body, Three pairs of hands, One tunic, One combat trousers, One camouflage smock, One backpack, One bread bag, One camo helmet cover, One side pouch, One field cap, One grey scarf, One cuff title, One trousers suspender, One belt, Two triangular flags, One oblong flag, One flag carrier, One water bottle, One shovel with carrier, One saw with carrier, One bayonet with sheath and carrier, One wire-cutter with carrier, One helmet with inner leather, Three pieces of explosive blocks, Two pieces of explosive charges, One exploder, One grenade, Wire, One Teller mine, One mess kit, One K98 rifle, Eight styles of insignia, A pair of leather boots. That's a lot of stuff! Scroll down to see the pictures of this amazing highly detailed set.

That's really a lot of stuff but then, as a combat engineer, they are essential tools in their line of work

NOTE: Sandbags are not included (meant for display purposes only).

A lot of World War II era German 12-inch soldier figures have come and gone but this one looks to be a keeper ;p


Unknown said...

I have so many ww2 figures but i do like this.

alex teo said...

This particular figure looks rather loaded and nice to have haha hard to resist

Anonymous said...

why oh why DID figures have those stiff necks - no movement, just a fixed look in the sky :-(