Friday, November 30, 2012

What a difference a shemagh makes ;p Very Hot 1/6 scale Mercenary (sand ver) with kufiya added

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The keffiyeh / kufiya (Arabic: كوفية‎, kūfiyyah, plural كوفيات, kūfiyyāt), also better known as a ghutrah (غُترَة) or shemagh (شماغ), and also known by some as ḥaṭṭah (حَطّة), mashadah (مَشَدة), or in Persian chafiye (چَفیِه), and in Kurdish cemedanî ( جه مه داني), is a traditional Arab headdress fashioned from a square, usually cotton, scarf. It is typically worn by Arab men, as well as some Kurds.

It is commonly found in arid regions to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand. Its distinctive woven check pattern may have originated in an ancient Mesopotamian representation of either fishing nets or ears of grain, but the true origin of the pattern remains unknown. [source: wiki]

For decades, keffiyeh have been issued to British soldiers who now, almost exclusively, refer to them as shemaghs. Their use by some units and formations of the military and police forces of the former British Empire and subsequent Commonwealth dates back to before the Second World War. Since the beginning of the War on Terror (used to specifically refer to the ongoing military campaign led by the US, UK and their allies against organizations and regimes identified by them as terrorist), these keffiyeh / shemagh, usually cotton and in military olive drab or khaki with black stitching, have been adopted by US troops as well, a reversal of previous policy which saw them strictly forbidden during the Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991).

I have already reviewed this Very Hot 1/6 scale Mercenary (sand version) 12-inch action figure in my previous posts HERE and HERE but felt that it lacked something. I decided to make this figure wear a shemagh (which was not included with this set but taken from my stash - pictures of my stash HERE) instead of the helmet and am now quite pleased with the outcome / look :)

Scroll down to see more pictures of this Very Hot 1/6 scale Mercenary (sand version) 12-inch action figure wearing a 1/6 scale shemagh on his head.

I had to google the internet to learn how to tie / wear a shemagh for this 1/6 scale figure and I have to say, I always thought the shemagh was a bit big but discovered that is is just right if one was to follow the instructional pictures and / or video.

I had tried wrapping a 1/6 shemagh when I was kitbashing an SAS action figure from Bravo Two Zero operating during Desert Storm some time back. I never watched the video then but the end result wasn't too bad either. You can check out the pictures HERE as well as pictures of the SAS action man riding the G.I. Joe Fast Attack Cycle from Hasbro HERE

Scroll down to see close-up pictures of Very Hot's 1/6 scale Mercenary (sand version) 12-inch figure wearing the shemagh over his head.

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