Friday, November 9, 2012

Pop Toys 1/6 scale Black Kunoichi Female Character Set for 12-inch female action figure

In the opening scene of the fourth Resident Evil movie, "Resident Evil: Afterlife" which opens a few weeks after the events of "Resident Evil: Extinction", the Alice clones (Milla Jovovich) attempt to kill Umbrella CEO Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) at his base in Japan. With hair swept back and tied in a ponytail while wearing skin tight all black suits and armed with double sub-machine guns plus double katana swords, the Alice clones seem to have the upper hand.

It seems Resident Evil Alice (Milla Jovovich) makes for a great 1/6 scale female action figure because quite a number of companies have produced and released 12-inch Resident Evil Alice figures and it looks like they are not letting up.

This is Pop Toys Model: POP1203 1/6 scale Black Kunoichi Set which is undoubtedly inspired by Milla Jovovich's Alice character from the "Resident Evil" films. Scroll down to see more pictures of Pop Toys 1/6 Alice 12-inch figure.

Pop Toys 1/6 scale Black Kunoichi Female Character Set for 12-inch female action figure will come with High-simulated hair-planted women’s head (two kinds of replaceable components are included, which can connect CG / TTL or Hot Toys women’s body), Black tight fitting coat, Black girdle combat vest (include 2 bags / pouches), Black leather boots (include feet and dumbbell-shaped connecting rod which can connect CG / TTL or Hot Toys Alice / Black Widow style women’s body), Samurai Katana sword × 2 (the blades are made of steel alloy), Ninja throwing darts × 2, Black gloved / mitted hands for holding sword / knife (include 2 kinds of wrist connecting rod, which can connect to CG / TTL or Hot Toys women’s body). NOTE: 12-inch figure body is NOT included

Nowhere does it say that Pop Toys 1/6 scale Black Kunoichi set is 1/6 scale Alice but let's just let these Pop Toys preview pictures do the talking.

These pre-release shots of Pop Toys 1/6 scale Black Kunoichi set just happen to be standing in front of a particular Raccoon City poster with the Umbrella corporation logo with Resident Evil serving as a backdrop ;p It's all happenstance; even the Pop Toys 1/6 scale female head sculpt just so happens to resemble a particular actress who has played the leading character in all the RE movies. You are allowed to make your own conclusions.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of Pop Toys 1/6 scale Black Kunoichi Female Character Set for 12-inch female action figure. Not a bad offering at all if the price is right ;p

Found out from wikipedia that "Kunoichi" (くノ一) is the term for a female ninja or practitioner of ninjutsu (ninpo). The term is thought to derive from the names of characters that resemble the three strokes in the kanji character for woman (女 onna); said in the order they are written: ku (く) - no (ノ) - ichi (一). I learn something new everyday :)

Check out Hot Toys "Resident Evil: Afterlife" 1/6 scale Milla Jovovich as Alice 12-inch Collectible Figure HERE and "Resident Evil: Extinction" Milla Jovovich as Alice 1/6 Figure HERE

It just seems like zombies and the undead are all the rage these days, popping up in films, in video games and on television, and making a killing too (pun intended). We have seen quite a bit of zombie killers but no 12-inch zombies yet?


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,great collection you have !
I ordered this set along with a TTL small breast body, so now i'm waiting for it to arrive. I have seen the statue, but i'm not into that because of the movability of the figures, you can change the way they stand more often. I think this figure will be sold out very quickly so everybody needs to grab their chances while they can !
Greetings from the Netherlands !

alex teo said...

Thanks for the compliments :) and hello from sunny Singapore CHEERS

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, the set has arrived and what can i say, it has a very good resemblance to Mila, and the quality is amazing too. Thank you for posting this item, otherwise i would have missed it !
Greetzz from Ad van Kempen, Netherlands

alex teo said...

Hi Ad van Kempen, glad that you got yours and loving it :)