Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pre-order Dollsfigure 12-inch Hit Team Figures: 1/6 Female Agent, Biker, Dark Villain & Trooper

Now Dollsfigure have their own hit team too ;p Dollsfigure will be releasing a 1/6 scale Female Special  Agent clothing set, Motorcyclist / Biker clothing set, Dark Tool (Villain) uniform set and Dark Tool (Trooper) equipment set for kitbashers and customizers alike. Lots of options available but do note that heads, bodies and boots are NOT included.

Dollsfigure 1/6 scale Female Sniper Black Outfit Set (also called Female Special Agent Clothing Full Set) will come with Headgear, Belt, Overcoat, Bra Top, Skirt with Belt, Red Armband, 2 Neck Collars, Lace Stockings, SVD Sniper Rifle. Note: head, body and boots are NOT included (display only). Scroll down to see the other 12-inch figure sets.

Dollsfigure 1/6 scale Black Biker Jacket Outfit Set (Motorcyclists Clothing Set) includes: Black Bike Jacket, Pants With Silverware, Black Tight Shirt. Note: body, helmet, and boots not included (display only).

Dollsfigure 1/6 scale Red Overcoat Outfit Set (Dark Tool Uniform Set) includes: Red Overcoat, Overcoat Suit With 5 Buckles, 2 Pair of Glove Hands. Note: body and boots not included (display only).

Dollsfigure 1/6 scale Gas Mask Equipment Set (Dark Tool Equipment Set) includes: 1/6 scale Gas Mask, Helmet, Balaclava, 1 Pair of Gloved Hands, Boots.

You can pre-order these Dollsfigure 1:6 scale uniform / clothing sets from TFH (The Falcon's Hangar) HERE

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