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Review 1: Art Figures 1/6 scale City Police 12-inch Figure is Bruce Willis as John Hartigan

Detective John Hartigan is a major protagonist in the "Sin City" series of graphic novels, written by Frank Miller. He is the central character in "That Yellow Bastard", and has a small cameo in "Just Another Saturday Night".

A veteran police detective of Basin City, Hartigan is gruff, stoic, and cynical. He is also completely selfless; he cares little about his own well-being as long as he can protect his fellow citizens. He risks his own safety and reputation to achieve safety for those he cares about, but this dedication eventually destroys his life.

Hartigan is portrayed by Bruce Willis in the 2005 film adaptation of Sin City. According to many interviews, Willis, upon seeing one or two minutes of The Customer is Always Right short that Robert Rodriguez had brought with him as a proof of concept tool to get actors and other talent (most notably Frank Miller) on board, paused the DVD, turned to Rodriguez and said that whatever he saw from that point onwards, he wanted to be part of the project. Michael Douglas was considered for the role before Willis came on board. [source: wiki]

This is Art Figures AF-009 City Police 12-inch figure and this particular police officer is most likely inspired by Bruce Willis' John Hartigan character from the 2005 film adaptation of "Sin City". The box cover is done in black and white with red words in homage to the same style done for the movie.

Art Figures has generously included four guns with this AF-009 City Police 1/6 scale figure set. One of the guns used by Hartigan is a Beretta M93R, a gun modified and then used in in the RoboCop movies. This is a homage to Frank Miller who wrote RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3.

This is the Art Figures City Police 12-inch figure straight out of the box. He is wearing 1/6 scale blue shirt, blue dust coat, blue trousers, black belt, black socks, black leather shoes

Here's a closer look at the Art-Figures AF009 City Police 12-inch Figure 1/6th scale head sculpt with authentic likeness of Bruce Willis as John Hartigan. Art Figures has done it again!

This is the second Bruce Willis head sculpt and figure by Art Figures and they have nailed it both times :) The first Bruce Willis head sculpt they did was for their Navy Seal Special 1/6 scale AF Collectible Figure which was basically a "Tears of the Sun" Bruce Willis as Lt A K Waters 12-inch Figure (see my review HERE)

Art Figures City Police 1/6 scale Bruce Willis as John Hartigan head sculpt is incredibly well sculpted and life-like and even better than the prototype pictures they showed us (see the PREVIEW pictures HERE)

Art-Figures AF009 1/6th scale City Police 12-inch Figure also comes with 1/6th scale shoulder pistol holster, tie, Auto 9 automatic pistol and 2 pistol magazines, M9 pistol and magazine x 2, Ruger Blackhawk single-action revolver, Walther P22 semi-automatic pistol with suppressor / silencer and pistol magazine x 2.

It's nice to have so many accessories :) They are a lot more than what Hot Toys is giving us these days, which is usually some spare hands and a figure display stand.

Here's Art Figures City Police 1/6 scale Bruce Willis as John Hartigan 12-inch figure wearing his shoulder holster. I decided to take pictures of this "Sin City" 12-inch figure without his long blue overcoat (blue dust coat) so that you can see what he wears under the coat.

Scroll down for more pictures and turnaround views (side profiles and such) of Art Figures 1/6 scale City Police 12-inch Figure.

To say that this figure is GREAT is an understatement. This Art Figures City Police figure is just awesome :) He looks so life-like and realistic with very nicely tailored shirt and pants plus belt.

There was another Sin City John Hartigan 12-inch figure released not too long ago (March 2010) and I'll be doing comparison shots in a later post but you can check out the pictures of VTS 1/6 scale Stone Cold Killer OR Bruce Willis as Hartigan 12-inch figure HERE

12-inch Bruce is holding the 1/6 scale M9 pistol in his right hand with the Ruger Blackhawk single-action revolver holstered in the shoulder holster

Now for some close-up shots / pictures of Art Figures 1/6 scale City Police 12-inch Figure (essentially Bruce Willis as John Hartigan)

Close-up of the 1/6 scale Blackhawk single-action revolver holstered in the shoulder holster

Here's a look at Art Figures 1/6 scale City Police 12-inch Figure's socks and shoes. These are not boot-feet but 1/6 scale feet that do slip into shoes so you get socks instead of sleeve-like socks that are open at both ends if those were boot-feet.

Check out the NEXT post where I show Art Figures 1/6 scale City Police 12-inch Figure wearing his long blue dust overcoat and using his other weapons included with this set.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that there is other 1/6 companies such as Art figures & Blitzway giving Hot toys,sideshow & Enterbay a run for their $$ and saving us $$ and still giving us a quality figure, great head sculpt and lots of accessories alot of these big companies are repeating figures they already did before..Its nice to have a vartiety there is so many movies and characters to do 1/6 figures for..
Art figures and Blitzway have definitely have my attention and my business