Saturday, November 24, 2012

Preview Phicen Limited 12-inch Female Seam-less Body In Specialties Color Medium Bust Size

Looks like 12-inch figure bodies are popping up left, right and center too ;p

We just saw the ZCWO 1/6 scale Articulate Body AB-01 in the previous post and now pictures and news of Phicen's next 12-inch female figure body are already circulating on the internet. This is the Phicen Female Seamless Body In Specialties Color Medium Bust Size For 12-inch Figures (Item No. PLMB2012-03). I don't name them, I just publish them so don't ask me what being in "specialties" color mean? Is it supposed to be racist, politically correct or are females now color coded as well when my back was turned. All I do know is that this female is in 1:6 scale, has 33 Points of articulation, is about 28 cm tall and weighs 0.208 kg (so don't call her fat or you'll live to regret it, if you know what I mean).

On the basis of the old products of theirs from before, Phicen assures collectors that the neck of medium sized breast figure can rotate 360 degree for the purpose of improving the simulation of the figure. Simulation, not stimulation ;p On the other hand Phicen has also added a mental piece into the elbow joint which prevents the arm from easy breakage. Furthermore, they say it looks more natural when the elbow is bent backwards.

Phicen Limited 12-inch Female Seam-less Body In Specialties Color with Medium Bust Size will come with a 12-inch female seamless Body, 1/6 scale Head sculpt, Hands (3 pairs / 6 pcs), a pair of Bare feet and a set of Bikini. Guy / male 12-inch figure bodies come without clothes or underwear but 1:6 scale female bodies have bikinis on them. Is that discrimination or what?

Phicen Limited also assures collectors / customers that their new 12-inch Female Seam-less Body In Specialties Color with Medium Bust Size can match the female head sculpts of HOT TOYS

So why is it that 1/6 scale female bodies can be produced without visible joint lines (hence seamless) but 12-inch male figure bodies will still have all the visible joints that make them less realistic looking?

To answer my own question, I believe it is because female bodies have less definition compared to the muscular bulkier male bodies. Female arms and legs just have to look pretty slim and straight whereas male bodies tend to have more pronounced muscles at the shoulders, upper and lower arms as well as thighs and legs. Otherwise, the male figures will just look like a lady-boy.

Feeling a little shy? You can try outfitting her with the recently previewed PopToys 1/6 scale Office Lady’s Suit Set for 12-inch female figures (even comes in 3 versions - black, blue and white). You can see my post HERE.

Then comes the question on almost every guy's mind: Why is it okay for a girl to wear bikini on the beach and flaunt her assets but wrong for guys to see her in her underwear? Sometimes the underwear has more cloth and covers up her body even more than the bikini does. Is there a double standard here or are we guys allowed to stop and stare?

With these rather realistic looking female figures, you don't have to ask that question any more. You can stare all you want and no one's going to give you that look that says you are a pervert. Just do it in your room behind closed doors ;p

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Combo said...

I wish Phicen got names for their seamless female action figs; names like Ashley or Natasha or Erika. :D