Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pre-order Figure Club 1/6 scale The League of Shadows "Ducard" Ninja Shadow Master figure

Figure Club 1/6 scale The League of Shadows "Ducard" Ninja Shadow Master 12-inch figure (worldwide limited release of 150 sets) will come with: Real-like 1/6 scale head sculpt of Ducard, 12-inch action figure body, face mask, detachable samurai armor consisting of chest, shoulders, arms and crouch piece), ninja clothing set, boots with armor, normal pair of hands plus three pairs of gloved hands with armor, katana, leather-like katana scabbard

Henri Ducard is a fictional character in the Batman comic book universe. The character was later amalgamated with Ra's al Ghul as the main villain in the 2005 film "Batman Begins", a reboot of the Batman franchise Hamm had helped originate.

In the comics, Bruce Wayne approaches Ducard for training in Paris, during his early days traveling the world. Ducard, a knowledgeable detective with excellent man-hunting skills, imparts much of his knowledge to the young, keen Bruce.

Later in the series, it is revealed that Ducard is largely amoral, working for criminals as often as he does the law. He deduces Batman's secret identity, but keeps it to himself, thinking, as he leaves, that Batman continues to exist because true criminals realize he distracts the people from the greater crimes by his public battle against lesser crimes.

In the film, Liam Neeson is Ra's al Ghul and under the pseudonym Henri Ducard, Ducard trains Bruce in ninjutsu, a form of martial arts.

Writer David Goyer said he felt Ducard's was the most complex of all the Batman villains, comparing him to Osama bin Laden; "He's not crazy in the way that all the other Batman villains are. He's not bent on revenge; he's actually trying to heal the world. He's just doing it by very draconian means."

Liam Neeson is commonly cast as a mentor, so the revelation that his character was the main villain was intended to shock viewers.

Pre-order Figure Club 1/6 scale The League of Shadows "Ducard" Ninja Shadow Master 12-inch figure from The Falcon's Hangar (TFH)


Dennis said...

I personally don't really keen on this head sculpt, not please with the likeness. The suit is nice, and I will use Bruce Wayne head sculpt. :)

wesitron said...

I don't think the likeness is perfect, but it's certainly serviceable, especially if this stays closer to the 110 or 120 USD mark. I do think they did a pretty great job on the leatherwork. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Thanks for the news!

Unknown said...

Its hard getting past that black background. He blends in very well, but I cant really see the details of the figure

alex teo said...

Great minds think alike Dennis :)

You are most welcome wesitron :) Thanks for visiting my toy blog site for the latest news on toys and action figures

Sorry about the bad pictures Gabriel Castellanos :( I just post the pictures as I receive them. If the prototype was in my hands, I would obviously shoot it on a lighter background to capture the details (hint hint to all 1/6 manufacturers out there haha)

humanbeingill said...

Seeing these preview pictures brings up a couple of questions.... Why hasn't Hot Toys done THIS yet?! Also, now that one exists, when WILL they?!

I give this a B- . In terms of design an A, headsculpt B, costume A+, and I'm guessing it comes with a piece-of-crap base body, which is a C-.

Its too nice and thought out not to get, as long as its UNDER $170.. And for this company that's pushing it. Great early post "G"...