Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review ZCWO Mens Hommes MH Vol.08 1/6 scale Action Figure Fashion for James Gordon

This is the ZC World (ZCWO) Mens Hommes Vol. 08 Men's Collection 1/6 Scale Action Figure Fashion boxed set (Action Figure NOT included) that was released recently. I had actually reviewed the later released MH Vol. 10 USAF Officer Service Dress Uniform set first (see my toy blog post HERE and HERE) but it's better late than never :) This MH Vol. 08 set appears to be specifically targeting or inspired by a particular fictional character who is an ally of Batman and appeared in comic books published by DC Comics before going onto the big screen, most recently seen in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy films.

In most incarnations of the Batman mythos, James "Jim" Gordon is the Police Commissioner of Batman's home of Gotham City. He shares the hero’s deep commitment to ridding the dark and corrupt city of crime. In Golden and Silver age comics and on the 1960s Batman television show, Gordon fully trusts, and is even somewhat dependent on Batman. In most modern stories, he is somewhat skeptical of Batman's vigilante method but recognizes the necessity of Batman and the two have a mutual respect and tacit friendship.

I had already kitbashed a 1/6 scale Lt. James "Jim" Gordon 12-inch figure wearing plain clothes earlier HERE so this is a second fitting for Gordon ;p Scroll down to see all the pictures (lots of them) and what is included in this ZC World ZCWO Mens Hommes MH Vol.08 1/6 scale Action Figure Fashion set (for Police Commissioner James Gordon)

It is not a big box since there's NO 12-inch figure nor 1/6 scale head sculpt included. You just get all the 1/6 scale clothes and accessories to dress up and equip your James Gordon 12-inch figure

What is included in this ZC World ZCWO Mens Hommes MH Vol.08 1/6 scale Action Figure Fashion set? There's the 1/6 scale Single Breasted Jacket, Striped Shirt, V Neck Vest, Slacks, Leather Belt, Socks, Scarf, Tie

Dress Shoes, Pistol, Holster, a pair of working handcuffs, Radio with detachable battery. Additional Body Parts: 3 pairs of hands with pegs, 1 pair of Feet with pegs.

Here's Hot Toys 1/6 scale Gary Oldman as James "Jim" Gordon 12-inch figure wearing the ZC World ZCWO Mens Hommes MH Vol.08 1/6 scale Gray Striped Shirt, Tie, Slacks, Leather Belt with holster, Socks and dress shoes (the shoes are the duck bill type - flattened and squarish at the tip). He's holding the pistol and radio in his hands.

Close-up of the gray striped shirt and tie.

Gordon has got the 1/6 scale handcuffs secured on his belt (no handcuff holder / case is included), along with the holster for storing his pistol when not in use

Close-up of the handcuffs.

And here's Gordon with his V Neck Vest as seen from the back

How Police Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) looks with the gray V neck vest on. Check out those duck bill dress shoes ;p

Gordon wears the Single Breasted Jacket over the V neck vest and gray striped shirt with tie.

Scroll down to see the turnaround views of this 1/6 scale James Gordon figure with the ZCWO Mens Hommes MH Vol.08 1/6 scale Action Figure Fashion.

I think Gordon feels more at ease in his civilian attire than the S.W.A.T. suit Hot Toys had him in as part of the Hot Toys Toy Fairs Exclusive. You can check out my reviews of the Exclusive "The Dark Knight" 1/6 scale Lt. Jim Gordon 12-inch limited edition collectible Figure HERE and HERE

It's nice that Gordon has more than one set of attire to wear since what he's wearing is not a costume or uniform but civilian togs

And finally the last item to go on the set is the 1/6 scale scarf.

Overall, I must say this is a very nice set. It's two out of two for me :) I was equally impressed with the ZCWO MH Vol. 10 USAF Officer Service Dress Uniform set as well.