Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pre-order ACE Workshop 1/6 scale United States Navy SEAL Gunner 12-inch military figure

ACE Workshop, one of the "smaller" modern gear manufacturers has been in the market for a while now. They were here before DAM Toys and maybe even before Soldier Story, two companies that have come on the scene and made quite a big impact. ACE used to release a lot of sets in the past and the ones they released were simple and effective.

Seems they are wanting to get back on the saddle with this release – their upcoming 1/6 scale US Navy SEAL Team Gunner 12-inch military figure set. The set includes their very own Mk1 figure body, outfitted in Woodland camouflage BDU fatigues, boonie cap, mesh neck scarf and black cloth boots. The equipment consists of the olive drab LBT-1195K Riverine Gunner Load Bearing Assault Vest with LBT-0990A Patrol Pack, black knee pads, and UDT Life Jacket. This SEAL gunner not only carries the M43 Mk 0 LMG but also has a P226 Pistol with Drop Down Holster (plus an MPK Knife and Sheath for those really close quarter stealthy moments). (source: Cotswold Collectibles)

ACE 1/6 scale US Navy SEAL Gunner 12-inch military figure will come with 100% hand-made realistic weathering and consists of 12-inch Man Mk I body, Bare hands, Gloved hands, Bonnie hat, Net scarf, Woodland BDU - jacket, pants and belts, Tee, UDT life jacket, Knee pads, Tropical boots, Riverine gunner load bearing assault vest 1195K, 0990A assault pack, Triple pistol magazine pouch, MPK combat knife, 3-day assault backpack, SAS holster, P226 pistol, 9 mm pistol magazine x 2, M43 Mod 0 machine gun, Ammo box, 7.62mm ammo belt, Gunner sling.

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You can pre-order this at TFH or Cotswold Collectibles

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