Friday, March 8, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 1/6 scale Tony Stark (Armor Testing Version) Collectible Figure Updates!

From Hot Toys:
Marvel's "Iron Man 3" movie is coming out in just one month's time! We are highly anticipating the movie to come, especially after viewing the latest trailer and posters coming up recently. We are pleased to share with fans the UPDATED photos of our first MMS item from the movie – the 1/6 scale Tony Stark (Armor Testing Version) 12-inch Collectible Figure which appears in his workshop while testing his Mark XLII armor.

Taking into consideration fans’ comments and requests, this modified collectible figure comes with an UPDATED 1/6 scale head sculpt which will look highly movie-accurate to the brilliant industrialist Tony Stark in the movie, together with an ADDITIONAL right forearm armor to pair up with the left one!

Iron Man fans, please enjoy the photos first, while the actual product will be coming in a few months! Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures ;p I think not everyone will be pleased with this latest attempt.

I think Hot Toys have mistaken Robert Downey Jr to be in Men in Black instead of Iron Man 3 because this time around, Tony looks very bug eyed LOL. I can imagine him being an alien disguising as a human being on Earth more than I can see him as Tony Stark. I think it's back to the drawing board for the sculptor.

I know sculpting is not easy but if Hot Toys has been doing such a great job with their head sculpts, what happened here? I still much prefer the Tony Stark head sculpt from Iron Man Mark IV which I recently posted on my toy blog HERE and much earlier HERE

I certainly like the whole set up of the workshop and this latest Armor Testing version but if it's about 12-inch Tony Stark, then be sure to get the 1/6 scale Tony Stark head sculpt done right because Hot Toys has a standard to maintain and improve upon and lately, they seem to be missing the mark on a few of their head sculpts :(


desmond said...

Well said bro..charging higher price with inaccurate head sculpt is not acceptable to me..

Dennis said...

Honestly, I like this set than the usual Iron Man. But it is the sculpt that I didn't PO until now. This update is definitely much better, however I think it can be even better.

Alex, what is the Hot Toys figure that you last purchase? Your latest purchase don't seem to have any HT stuff. HT price is putting me off. Unless is one that I really want.

alex teo said...

Hey Dennis, you are certainly right about the sculpt. It definitely needs to be improved upon ;p

My last HT figure was The Avengers Captain America :) HT has priced themselves out of my range. I'm just not willing to pay that much for a figure, unless it is the one I really want (just like you said).

humanbeingill said...

No way! I think the sculpt is tight! It shows some up-to date-aging on Mr. Downey Jr. Although I think the first one was great too... But I agree, Mark iv was my favorite too.